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Archbishop Duncan Williams has been in the news on countless occasions.

In 2011, the founder of Action Chapel International stated that he is an expensive pastor adding that his perfume cannot be found on any shelf in the country.

He admonished Christians to live an expensive lifestyle to the glory of the almighty God by working hard. Archbishop Duncan Williams made this statement at the first graduation ceremony of the Action Chapel International Bible College in Kumasi.

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At a time many Ghanaians are complaining about the profligate lifestyle of pastors in the country, the founder and general overseer of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, has stated that he is a very expensive pastor.

Speaking at the first graduation ceremony of Action Chapel International Bible College in Kumasi over the weekend, Archbishop Duncan Williams said he was so expensive that the perfume he used could not be found on the shelf of any shop in the country.

The man of God, who calls himself ‘Big Papa’, noted that even the rich people in his church could not put on the kind of attire he wore because they could not afford to buy them.

In view of this, the Archbishop, who hit media headlines some time ago with the divorce of his long-time wife, said because of his expensive lifestyle, he refused to be intimidated by rich people in his church. n “No matter how rich you are in my church, I will not allow you to intimidate me with your wealth because you cannot even buy the perfume I use not to talk of the attire I wear,” he told the congregation at the church located at Abrepo.

He stated that God had blessed him to the extent that his children were schooling in one of the best institutions in America, attended by the children of both government officials and the well-to-do in that country.

The man of God, who claimed to have international connections that extended to the White House, noted that it was not out of place for men of God to be rich and also enjoy the very best of life. This, according to him, was because God, the creator of heavens and mankind, was expensive, hence the kingdom of God and the streets of heaven are made with pure gold.

Archbishop Williams, therefore, admonished Christians to work above themselves in all fields to enable them to live expensive lifestyles to the glory of the almighty God.

“As a Christian, you should wear the best of clothing, drive in expensive cars, and live in comfortable houses so that the glory of God could be seen in your life because the God you worship is very expensive,” he intimated.

The renowned man of God indicated that he neither wished to become president of the country nor a top politician because of the insults that accompanied such positions.

He said he preferred to remain a pastor where he was held in high esteem by the public than being a president or a top politician where any member of the public could insult him because of his position. Archbishop Williams categorically pointed out that none of the people he had trained to become pastors could rub shoulders with him for the reason that he did not impart all of his knowledge on them.

He emphasized that he was not foolish to give all that he had as a celebrated man of God to the people he trained because he knew for a fact that when he did that the people could one day rub shoulders with him. “Nobody I have trained as a pastor can stand up and challenge me because I do not give all the keys I have to them during their period of training,” the Archbishop stated emphatically.

He chastised the congregation for not bringing the church auditorium to the standard befitting the status of the church, threatening to send money from Accra to refurbish the whole place.

“Let me tell you that the walls of the church, the floor, and the pulpit area need massive deliverance in the form of serious renovation and if you fail to do it, I will send money from Accra to come and do it,” the Archbishop emphasized.

He indicated that he had refused to send money from Accra to give the church auditorium a massive facelift because he did not want to take away the blessing of the congregation. “Let me tell you that if you do not do this thing immediately, I will send money from Accra, to come and do this thing and will take your blessing to Accra,” Archbishop Williams said.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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