Opinions Sun, 9 Aug 2020

Truth be told

How miraculous is it that Sampson Ayini and his producers couldn’t ask Bright Simons how he misled all of us into believing that the EC cannot register 12 million voters in 40 days? How come? He’s on the show as usual talking plenty without any practical justification to his bedroom made hypothesis. I can’t believe Sampson missed that.

I think we must call these CSOs to order when they struggle to push down our throats some of their hypothetical theories that ain’t practical in our society. We cannot allow some of these pseudo communicators to hold us to ransom.

We can’t keep chastising politicians for their stated dishonesty and yet glorify confidence tricksters parading as CSOs. Bright Simons and IMANI lied to us and must be called out for such. Bright and his IMANI must either accept they got it wrong or they apologize for lying to us.

The kinds of things Bright said before this registration exercise got me so scared. At a point I felt the EC was going to collapse this country but I just had to hold myself together. Bright told us that the BVR kits won’t survive the continues wipe with the sanitizers planned for the exercise. He said the machines would fail in the middle of the process because his data analysis says so.

Today, the same guys who claimed the process wasn’t going to succeed have strangely changed the narrative to security lapses of the process. They have cunningly moved from the practicality of the Registration exercise that they told the whole world they hold superior knowledge of to become security experts and telling us how the EC should be blamed for same.

The sterling performance of the EC during the exercise is being buried with a change in narrative. We are now invited to challenge the EC to build trust with political parties and CSOs. How? What has happened to all the doom prophecies that preceded the Exercise? How on earth is Bright Simons asking us to forget his previous tales and listen to him on another set of destructive insults with his bloated bruised ego? How?

It is simply nauseating to keep bragging and bluffing at us in the face of such incontrovertible evidence that they misled us through the media. I want to call on the media to engage these guys in like manner they “grill” politicians. Some of them are worser than politicians as we are made to believe. They must be made to answer to their previous claims than to just allow them spew more hypothesis they propound in their rooms.

Let’s speak up.
Columnist: Mohammed Issah, Contributor