Two years of continuous work, time to render half-time accountability

Kunsaari Enbong Assembly Member of the Chache electoral area, Kunsaari Enbong

Tue, 4 Jan 2022 Source: Kunsaari A. Enbong

1. At the assumption of office as Assembly Member of the Chache electoral area, several interventions needed to be put in place and all efforts have been made over the past two years to promote unity, peace, and development in the Area.

2. We entered into a social contract with the Chache Electoral area under seven (7) thematic areas:

a. Uniting the people.

b. promoting education.

c. Recovery of lost trees.

d. Ensuring accountability from government institutions.

e. Regular meetings.

f. Linking Electoral area to government institutions and NGOs.

g. Official communications and documentations.

3. At half-time, efforts have been made on each thematic area and with improved support and sense of togetherness, we can move farther.

4. On issues of Uniting the people, efforts have been made to reduce the high felt sectionalism experienced among tribes and communities through inclusive leadership where each tribe and community in the Chache electoral area is considered in decision making and in meetings.

5. At the time of assumption of Office, possible feeder roads in the Chache electoral Area were not found in the regional roads' register, and through the Bole district feeder roads engineer, we toured the electoral area to get these roads registered:

Jentige-Tinyekuraa-Yombokuraa road, Yombokuraa-Dasokuraa-Maanukuraa - Chache road, Chache - Jankpulokuraa road, and Jankpulokuraa-Mamadukuraa roads were registered and have been duly recognised by the regional feeder roads department for further actions.

6. Shortly after being in office, I obtained the list of all people living with disability (PLWD) in the area and submitted the list to the Bole district PLWD association leaders. Through that, I could realise the high numbers of these special people in my area to the tune of over 30 people.

7. Several community-level meetings have been organised through the Assembly Member, NCCE, PAPADEV, PTA of schools, Security services, etc.

8. A very key role was played during the period of COVID-19 where education and sensitisation committees were formed and it was well done at the cost of the Assembly Member.

9. When the 2020 batch of BECE candidates were going to write, I sponsored fully their transportation to the writing centre.

10. I organised the first-ever meeting for Heads, assistant heads, and education stakeholders in the Chache Electoral area to formulate a holistic approach to promoting education in the Area.

11. Organized a one Day massive football gala for schools in the Chache Electoral area.

12. Got support from Apostle pastor Sansah who donated books, pens, pencils, and erasers to the Tinyekuraa basic school.

13. Through Concerned Life Foundation, 46 uniforms were donated to pupils in Tinyekuraa basic school.

14. At my personal level, over 200 exercise books, pencils, and pens have been given out to pupils through their schools or at a one-on-one level.

15. Through proper interpersonal relationships with schools in the electoral area, all schools have lived up to the task with room for improvements;

a. We got the Tinyekuraa school running after a whole year of close down ( 2019-2020). It resurrected with a single teacher and now they have a staffing capacity of three.

b. The Jentige D/A primary school prior to assumption of office was in a bad shape with no doors but through collaboration and proper utilization of school resources, the SMC of the school used their capitation grants to fix three metal doors for the school, restored an office and a store for the school.

c. Through the support of the Jentige community, an emergency committee was set up under the auspices of the Assembly Member to collect levies for the construction of a urinal pit for the school and the pit is completed awaiting painting and handing over.

d. Through communal labour, we built a kitchen for Chache primary school.

e. Through communal labour, we built Local teachers' quarters for Jentige D/A J.H.S.

f. Despite the limited staffing in the only Junior High School in the electoral area, collaborations have been our hallmark such that productivity is ensured.

16. Schools and Churches indulged the office of the Assembly Member in their afforestation projects.

17. There have been security surveillance in the area through the Ghana Immigration Services and Ghana Police service. Hopefully, we will get a Police snap checkpoint between Kpenaayiri and Jentige, one of the most dangerous portions of the Bole- Chache road prone to robbery activities. This is a project I have been on through the Bole Police command and the signal is that we will have a joint security checkpoint of the Police, military, and immigration antiterrorism team.

18. I lobbied for the Ghana identification authority to station in Jentige and Chache for five days which created room for many in that enclave to register at their disposal without having to travel to Bole or other communities.

19. Lobbied for roofing sheets from the Member of Parliament of Bole/Bamboi constituency to complete the roofing of a community initiative to build a local teachers' quarters. On the same project, a collaboration had to be made to obtain wood for the roofing.

20. Lobbied for over 200 clothes and shared amongst;

a. Pupils of Jentige basic schools

b. Majority of elders in Jentige.

c. Some other communities.

21. I lobbied and got 20 mosquito nets and distribution affected communities such as Yombokuraa, Tinyekuraa, and Dasokuraa.

22. I lobbied and got 30 solar lamps and distribution affected Yombokuraa, Tinyekuraa, Dasokuraa, Jentige section without light, Matimihu, and some selected individuals.

23. On health, in collaboration with the In-Charge of Chache CHPS compound, we wrote to Zakat Foundation requesting an ambulance motorking which they gave to the facility. The Motorking ambulance was well equipped with beds, a first aid kit, and other accessories to support emergency issues and women in labor.

24. Through efficient communication and regular inclusion of Health personnel in the Chache health facility, we have increased health education, increased community visitations, and attendance.

25. Several disputes were resolved in the two-year reign:

a. Some disputes of herdsmen and farmers, the commonest of all disputes.

b. Disputes from families and factions.

c. The highest has been the recent murder of a farmer by some unknown alleged Fulanis, which led to disturbances in Jentige. Within one week, several steps including emergency resolution meetings were held to reduce tension. Security was well gotten through the Bole Police command and no further negative action was recorded.

26. I personally sponsored the cutting of fallen trees around Jentige school block in response to the concern raised at a PTA meeting at Jentige primary school which was a relief to the school.

27. The Chache Electoral area was well represented at the Assembly level where needs of the electoral area were echoed and defended and follow-ups done on various requests notably is the Chache primary school which is being considered for renovation. Several other programmes were attended on behalf of the electoral Area.

28. Several social events have been attended by the Assembly Member or through a delegation. such Programs include;

a. Funerals

b. Funeral rites

c. Parties

d. Special Programmes.

29. I personally donated Foolscap Note books to the Unit committee for the keeping of records which will be passed down to successive committees for references and history.

30. Several mentorship and coaching have been rendered to young men and women in the Chache Electoral area and the vision to produce literates in the area is on course.

31. So far, let me thank all communities in the Chache electoral Area, all Chiefs (Jentigewura, Chachewura and Tinyekuraawura), Unit committee members, all elders in the various communities, headmasters, all teachers, Churches/ Christians, Muslims, ATRs, youth, nurses, Immigration Services, Police service, the military, NGOs, individuals who supported, the Media, friends, Mentors and My advisors, colleague Assembly Members, The education Unit of the Bole district Assembly, Assembly Member of Parliament of Bole/Bamboi, DCE and all my families.

The list is long, everyone is thanked so far.

32. Let's still be together to complete the next half with joy and development.

Columnist: Kunsaari A. Enbong