US Military deal: Stop pretending to be patriots while in opposition - Bossman Asare to NDC

Mon, 26 Mar 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Head of Political Science Department at the University of Ghana, Dr. Bossman Asare has admonished members of the National Democratic Congress to stop pretending to be patriotic by opposing the Military Cooperation agreement between the government of Ghana and the US Government.

Dr. Asare believes the NDC, knowing its place in opposition, is making all efforts to portray to the Ghanaian populace a posturing that suggests they have the interest of the country at hand and are fighting for the dignity and sovereignty of Ghana by opposing the agreement when it’s just a make-believe in actual fact.

A document detailing an agreement granting the US military access to use Ghana as a base for staging and deploying its forces among others sparked public debate with its emergence in the media.

The Minority in Parliament following the development vehemently opposed the deal, describing it as attempts by government to ‘sell out’ the country’s sovereignty to the US. They rejected the MoU laid before parliament Tuesday recommending that the house ratifies the agreement. The agreement, despite the resistance from Minority, was approved on Friday by the Majority side in parliament.

The senior lecturer speaking on the issue however said it is easier for persons to ‘pretend to be patriotic’ when they are in opposition. For him, the GITMO 2 case is evidence enough to prove that the presence of US military in Ghana is not enough to warrant an external attack on the country. Citing Japan and Germany as countries with US military bases, he indicated that the world would have witnessed a number of attacks on them overtime if indeed such an agreement had made their countries vulnerable.

He on the contrary, expressed confidence in government’s ability to make expedient decisions in the interest of its citizens. He believes government has ‘a better view of what should be done’.

“There are a number of countries including Germany, Japan and Turkey with US military bases; none of them has complained about their sovereignty being undermined. I remember some people said the Gitmo 2 would make Ghana vulnerable to attacks. So far no evidence support/s that claim. The reality is that when you are in government, you have a better view of what should be done”, his post on Facebook read.

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Ghana’s Cabinet had agreed to provide the US’ military troop a place near the Kotoka International Airport, and also give them unhindered access to some key installations following a Memorandum of Understanding between the government of Ghana and the US government.

The MoU was laid before Parliament on Tuesday recommending that Parliament ratifies the agreement, but it was rejected by the opposition in Parliament.

The Majority in Parliament on Friday night, March 23, 2018 ratified the agreement after the Minority walked out of the chamber in protest.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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