Unqualified Ghanaian politicians are costing the country billions of financial loss

Ghana Flag 10 Ghana is in deep economic crisis because some politicians are not qualified for their posts

Thu, 24 Mar 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Ghana is in a deep economic crisis not because of only corruption, incompetence, and unproductiveness but also many of the politicians are not qualified for their posts, therefore, they lack the knowledge to work.

As the Bible says “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

Ghana’s resources are going down the drain since the politicians have no idea of how to create jobs.

Have you ever heard about a woman that can’t cook? They are very common but we need to find out why they can’t cook to understand why Ghana has many mineral resources, yet the people are suffering.

On the cooking table, you can provide a woman with every ingredient, including onion, pepper, tomatoes, fish, etc; to prepare a delicious meal but she can’t because she has no idea how to begin the preparation.

The same thing applies to about 90 percent of Ghanaian politicians, despite the gold, diamond, bauxite, oil, and cocoa, available in Ghana; Ghanaian politicians don’t know how to enhance those resources to create jobs to run a good economy.

Such unproductive politicians contribute to the destruction and setbacks of the country by receiving millions yearly but don’t give back anything beneficial to the state.

And in any country where resources are being wasted and corruption intensifies, the results are catastrophic consequences. That’s why Ghana is facing huge debt, unemployment, depressive currency, and economic crisis.

In advanced countries, to avoid such economic catastrophe, they often reshuffle the cabinet and let the expert handle the right post for economic progress but that of Ghana is a different story.

Nepotism has played a role in the collapsed economy, therefore, reshuffling doesn’t work. For example, the Finance Minister is related to the president; therefore, so he finds it difficult to change him.

Apart from incompetence draining the resources of Ghana, according to ‘Organized Crime And Corruption Reporting Project'–OCCRP, Ghana is annually losing 33 billion dollars, a problem that keeps people poor and creates unemployment.

Finding solutions in Ghana against corruption, unproductively politicians, and financial mismanagement, have been a fruitless battle because, unlike developed countries, corrupt Ghanaians don’t go to prison.

The only hope for Ghanaians is a good leader to come and make things better for them but in a country where political greed and tribalism are important to many Ghanaians, Ghana becoming better under a new leader is something that will remain a fantasy until reality is achieved.

Columnist: Joel Savage