Upper East Region: People of Kandiga use bare hands to rehabilitate deplorable road

Kandiga22 People of Kandiga using their hands to rehabilitate deplorable road

Tue, 14 Jun 2022 Source: DOCTOR KWADWO YE-LARGE

The people of Kandiga are noted for self help initiatives. They have over the years on their own efforts built classroom blocks, CHPS compounds and rehabilitated broken boreholes. Today, the people of Kandiga which is located in the Kassena-Nankana West district have taken the bull by the horns one more time.

Led by their chief Naba Abawine Amenga-Etego II, they mobilized the enthusiastic youth who are always willing to take up the task of developing their community to engage in maintenance works on the road linking the Kandiga Development Centre to the Kandiga market square.

This road serves as assessible route for commuters from neighbouring communities such as Mirigu. The deplorable state of the road especially in this raining season has made it difficult for market women to send their wares to the Kandiga market.

The event which saw massive turn out, also witnessed people bring out various tools ranging from hoes, pick axes, shovels, tricycles and many more to aid the efforts of the youth. The Chief himself was seen actively taking part in the work which I think motivated the youth to also give out their best. Assemblymen from Electoral Areas within the Kandiga community were also spotted and taking part in the work.

The Area Council Chairman, Hon Mathew Akakuzia, called on the Government to come to their aid in complementing their efforts. He mentioned that, the efforts that they have made may only suffice for a short while since they lack the expertise in standard road construction procedures.

He announced the resolve of the youth to rehabilitate deplorable roads within the community notably the Kandiga - Sirigu road. Meanwhile, the youth have begun contributing money to buy 50 bags of cement to be used for the rehabilitation works.

Hon Mathew Akakuzia also used the opportunity to call on the Chief and people of DOBA to embrace peace. He lamented about the negative effects that the conflict between the two communities has on the development of the two communities.

The chief on his part, made a passionate call to the minister of local government and the President of the republic of Ghana to consider creating a new district from the Kasina-Nankana West district.

He said, the large nature of the district has created room for unequal distribution of the national cake making Kandiga and other communities in the district to retard in development.