Ursula Owusu, the minister of communication and digitalization, must resign

Ursula Owusu Minister.jpeg Communication and Digitalization Minister, Mrs. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful

Thu, 6 Oct 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Time will always tell, and today's carnage, destruction, incompetence, high crime rate, and corruption, have exposed Ursula Owusu and her NPP, as a failed government that isn't fit to rule Ghana, especially in light of the remarks she made against the former leader of Ghana, John Mahama when she was the Member of Parliament for the Ablekuma Constituency.

The dictionary defines the ‘mouth’ as the natural opening through which food passes into the body. It is typically bounded externally by the lips and internally by the pharynx and encloses the tongue, gums, and teeth. I've previously stated that this definition is inadequate, the fact that "apart from the food which passes through into the body, it can also put someone in a very big trouble was excluded."

Since tribalism dominates everything in Ghana, despite a country where churches are even built on verandas and hallways, the opposition party, the NPP, was able to incite hatred against John Mahama during his tenure as president. As a result, the majority of Ghanaians were easily driven into a frenzy of attacks against the former Ghanaian leader from all over the nation, particularly the tribalism strongholds.

The present government's Minister for Communications and Digitization, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, claims that the John Mahama-led administration did nothing more than raise utility rates, enact new levies, and borrow to pay off its debt. She continued by saying that the NPP party would join Organized Labor in a protest against the government over the increase in taxes and utility costs.

Ursula Owusu insulted John Mahama in an interview by saying, "If that's what administration is about, my 18-year-old son can rule this country; we don't need John Mahama." If the only goal of government is to raise taxes and borrow money, If we didn't require creative problem-solving to address the nation's issues, all you could do was blame the taxpayer before raising taxes. What kind of skill is that?

Can Ursula Owusu honestly state that she should have resigned right away since she is no longer required to serve Ghana in light of the devastation and carnage her NPP-led government has wrought in Ghana? Ursula Owusu ought to have been compelled to retire in any rational nation, but Ghana is different because its people are so devoted to God that they think He will intervene to apprehend their political thieves.

Although Ursula Owusu accused Mahama of piling taxes, wasn't the president's vow to come and lower taxes made in 2016? Was the failed E-Levy implementation, which ruined the businesses of thousands of Ghanaians across the nation, a tax cut or an additional tax? Ursula Owusu is an extremely evil person with a cunning heart and in any sane country; this woman should have been forced to step down.

Ursula Owusu once more accused Mahama of borrowing, saying that her 18-year-old son could lead Ghana without doing so. I believe it is time for her son, who is now 24 years old, to lead Ghana because Akufo Addo has irreparably damaged the nation and run up enormous debts with little regard for accountability. The president, who is committed to protecting public funds, has now made corruption lawful in Ghana.

The Ghanaian president, Nana Akufo Addo, might be the first leader in Ghana or Africa to pick politicians, a judge, and a journalist, who is substantially involved in deep corruption to serve his government, if the Guinness Book of Records is interested. Names like Eugene Arhin, Charles Bissue, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, Paul Adom-Otchere, Hopeson Adorye, Ken Agyapong, IGP George Dampare, and many others shouldn't be permitted to represent the nation because they have been linked to corruption and criminal activity.

Unfortunately, because Ghana is an African country or a shithole nation, crime and corruption are now accepted in politics, even though thousands of Ghanaian Christians and Muslims pray for the improvement of their country. Sorry, but if corrupt politicians and criminals are not put behind bars to pay for their crimes, please don't waste your time praying for Ghana to be a prosperous country.

Everyone, especially Ghanaian leaders, enjoy visiting prosperous and beautiful nations, which is why they frequently travel abroad for vacations and medical treatment. However, they don't seem to care about those nations that have strong foundations, were built on efficient judicial systems, and imprisoned their corrupt politicians and criminals. If they don't, America and Europe wouldn't be good enough, corruption would have collapsed the countries like Ghana.

Ursula Owusu, Akufo Addo, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, Godfred Dame, Jean Mensa, and Ken Ofori-Atta are just a few of the individuals that are ruining Ghana in the name of greed, while they believe they are doing a better job by helping Ghana. I feel ill watching them. Incompetence is to blame for the destruction, the epidemic of crime that has gripped the country, the high jobless rate, and the unaccountable debt.

Samson Lardy Anyenini, the interview's host, asked Ursula Owusu if the New Patriotic Party will join Organized Labor to protest the government over the increase in taxes and utility costs. Mrs. Ekuful said that the NPP, along with the NDC and CPP, is represented in Organized Labor but the citizens of this nation are impacted by this issue.

According to her, "Every other Ghanaian is sweating blood but this government does not see it. Dr. Joe Abbey said a long time ago you cannot tax and borrow yourself out of this economic mess that you are in and yet it appears that is the only solution that this government has — taxing and borrowing itself out of the mess."

Who is licking her wounds right now? The Minister for Communications and Digitalization now has two options: she can either resign or she can let her son take over and depose Akufo Addo from office, so that he may run the country in light of the insulting remarks she made against John Mahama. The burdens are too much for the average Ghanaian today.

Columnist: Joel Savage