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Useless Column: 'Some people are wicked oo'

Mawuli Zogbenu1.jpeg Mawuli Zogbenu

Sat, 18 Sep 2021 Source: Mawuli Zogbenu

It is not everything you see that is what it is o. You remember I mentioned here before that whenever you enter a room full of young ladies and they are all over you, giving you fans: ‘Chairman, Chairman, Chairman’, don’t be deceived. Look out for that one single one who is not even looking your direction and busily writing something or doing something on her phone.

She is the one who has feelings for you o, haahahahahaha. Such ladies do that to create some ‘Korku Ananse’ aura around them so you don’t get closer but they might have fallen in love with you one time; at first sight.

My brother, they dey feel you pass. Ask for their contact number (the one registered on momo, not the one on WhatsApp). Hahahahahaha! Abeg, na joke we dey joke o, just taking life easy.

It’s Fridayyyyyy again and those of us alive should not think it is our own efforts o; it is the divine grace of God. People are dying everyday from various conditions including road accidents, malaria and corona and you di33 you think you are too special and be walking about guy guy and laughing on your ‘useless’ smart phones kwakwakwakwa! Give thanks by going to church this Sunday or simply dash that pure water seller on the street only 5 cedis.

You would be amazed at the kind of blessings that will come your way without you noticing. Halleluyah! Pure water sef, some people want to negotiate with the hawkers to reduce the price. Ao, Bra, why? Yet you go to the mall and say ‘Yes Madam’ to any price they give you to buy an item. God is watching those who think about the vulnerable pure water and atadwe seller.

I have learnt from my good friend Samuel of present memory that coconut water is a mild aphrodisiac and since then I have been drinking it on daily basis. The effect is not that bad! Last week, I went behind my office to get my usual coconut water. The vendor was surprised why I was complaining of the water in the pod.

He intimated that the coconuts didn’t have enough water in them because the taps stopped flowing in Adabraka for 4 continuous days! Ebei!

It was one hot Saturday afternoon in 2007 while taking a nap and my then landlord came to inform me about a poisoning case involving 2 children of Nana, my co-tenant. According to him, the children were rushed to the hospital because after buying and eating bread from a certain woman, they started foaming in their mouths.

Asked where the woman who sold the bread to them was, my landlord hinted that some young men in the area had been detailed to search for her. This was in an apparent attempt to ‘deal with her’ for trying to ‘finish’ somebody’s innocent children. Indeed, the children were in an unconscious state when I visited them at the hospital.

Sadly, the search for the bread seller proved futile as she could not be found since she wasn’t even known in the area albeit the fact that she could be identified by a hair dresser who bore witness to the time the children bought the bread. Oh yes, the woman actually sold the bread to them. We wanted to report the matter to the police but thought that catching her first and taking her to the police was going to make life easier.

After all was done fruitlessly, we came back home wondering the state of the children’s condition. In our minds, it was a 90% lost case as some neighbors started crying. In fact, their father was not even around so we took responsibility to ensure that these children survived or at worst, punish that woman. She was lucky she escaped.

To our surprise, these were the children brought in a taxi by another neighbor to house. The crowds had gathered. Miraculously, the young children regained consciousness after the doctors had worked diligently to save their lives. They were discharged that same day as they were brought home by which time their father had returned from by-day work.

When their father interviewed the eldest of the 2 regarding what had happened, they confirmed having bought bread from the woman alright and, on their own, decided to spice the bread with jathropha seeds probably mistaken as groundnuts which they had picked from around the hedges in the house. It was after eating the bread with its ‘spices’ that they could not tell what happened to them.

It became so clear, that the bread seller would have been ruthlessly dealt with for no offence if the young men in the area had succeeded in finding her; these children would have come back alive anyway to tell their own story to exonerate the ‘finished’ woman by which time it would have been too late.

Another possibility was that, the children could have died from their own ignorant ‘suicide’ (‘poisoning’) and then that bread seller’s name would have been on the lips of everybody forever with curses on her and her generations thereafter.

If however, luck eluded her and she came around to sell bread again, she could either be lynched outrightly or handed over to the police and possibly jailed for ‘killing’ those children and again, her family would be tagged forever as ‘the family of the wicked woman who killed 2 children with poisoned bread’.

From this story, let’s remember again that drawing conclusions easily could only make us follow the crowd and throwing stones we should not be throwing and God’s wrath over us and our generations to come may not be spared on us and our generations to come.

It is easier to draw conclusions based on circumstances and the ‘facts’ that may present themselves as proof. A little patience and calculated reasoning could help.

Instant justice, verbal conclusions drawn on public figures, the clergy, common people, etc should be done with due diligence. Our opinions should remain opinions and not facts if we do not have proof.

Happy Friday, Bishop E.A.T Sackey of Lighthouse Chapel International (Qadesh)…You inspire me to the max! Remember to pray for me o. Prayers with fasting alone would not help me, please add crusade!

I have never met the man before and cant even tell how he looks like but I get inspired listening to him on radio with my best quote from him being: ‘God has compassion for those who fear Him’!

Have a thrilling weekend, wear your nose mask well because the virus is looking for people who don’t wear it or wear it wrongly! If in doubt, try breathing in and holding your breath for one minute; that is one of the horrible experiences from a pal who get infected and was saved by God’s grace.

That guy fears God more than anybody. He is a very handsome man but sticks to only his wife. Hahahahahahahahaa!

Columnist: Mawuli Zogbenu