'Voting for NDC, NPP wasteful; join CPP to give them an ‘electric shock’ – Greenstreet

Thu, 8 Oct 2020 Source: Class FM

The flagbearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr. Ivor Greenstreet, has said a vote for either the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), as has been happening over the past 28 years of Ghana’s fourth republic, is a wasted ballot.

He has, therefore, urged Ghanaians to join forces with the CPP, to give the two dominant parties a big shock in the 7 December 2020 polls.

“Everywhere we go, Ghanaians continue to say that they are tired of this 28 years of NDC and NPP and they themselves want to give the NDC and NPP an electric shock come December 2020 and they say that if any party is going to assist in giving that electric shock, it can only be the CPP, the party that brought political independence to this country and the only party that can bring economic independence and opportunity to all our people”, Mr. Greenstreet said when he filed his presidential nomination forms on Thursday, 8 October 2020.

“So, we are happy to be here today to complete the formal processes to provide our forms to the EC which, hopefully, if they are approved, then will allow us to contest come 2020”, he told Class91.3FM’s Blessed Sogah in an interview.

Mr. Greenstreet said the CPP is poised for victory.

“We are very ready, our candidates are very ready, our executives are very ready, we are well-resourced, we have a very good message, we have a very good team.

“As you can see, the CPP elected two women as their leaders for the executives. No other party has done that, and I believe that itself is a signal to the people of Ghana that this party is ready and determined to make a significant gain in this election,” he said.

In his view, “a vote for the CPP is a vote for yourself”.

He noted that: “For too long, Ghanaians have been told that voting for the CPP is a wasted vote”.

Rather, he pointed out, “voting for the NPP and the NDC is a wasted vote because they continue to give false hope, they continue to give promises which they don’t fulfill. And then years later, we only see that they are there serving their self-interest, the interest of their friends and families, and the interest of their parties. Not the Ghanaian and it’s only the CPP that has a history and a foundation of serving only the people of Ghana and not individuals concerned”.

“So, we are pleading with Ghanaians to make a change, to give an electric shock to the NDC and NPP come December”, he appealed.

Source: Class FM
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