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Was Prof Mills an Executive Liar?

A former Deputy Attorney-General, Mr Ebo Barton-Odro, justified the payment of judgment debt to Alfred Agbesi Woyome

in a letter copied to President J.E.A. Mills. This emerged at the Financial Division of the High Court sitting in

Accra on Tuesday 2nd October 2013.

Readers will recall that when news about the Woyome fraudulent payment broke out,late in 2011, Prof Mills told the whole nation that he did not know about the payment and ordered EOCO to investigate.. Even the subsequent

EOCO report established the fact that Mills as President stopped the payment two times but payment was still made. Now it has emerged that Mills knew about the payments since Dishounarable Ebo Barton Oduro the Deputy AG at the time wrote a letter to President Mills to justify the payment after all—refer to 1st paragraph above.

So we ask; Did President Mills lie to the nation when he said he did not know about the payment?This is strange. I forcefully say that there was no way this huge Woyome illegal payment, as well as those of Waterville, CP, Isofoton, Rockshell, African Automobile etc etc could have been effected without cabinet approval. In other words, Cabinet discussed and had full knowledge of the payments. There was total executive approval.

And I contend that the then Vice President John Mahama at the time, who was a de facto member of cabinet and who

happens to be now President knew about the fraudulent payments before they were effected. If the matter

was never discussed then it would portray Mills /Mahama as having presided over reckless governance and therefore unworthy of such executive positions.

Of course we the Ghanaian electorate knew all these illegal judgement debt payments in the region of some $450m in the last three years together with other frauds and misconducts before the general elections last December but we still sort of voted for NDC/Mahama to continue

the blatant rape of the country. What a country!

The conclusion is that; President Mills was a con-man proper. He was an executive liar. He actually died in his sins.President Mahama was an accomplice. He participated in the fraudulent deals. He has lied to rule.

The docility of the Ghanaian public makes us a party to our own subjugation.

Ghana is not a serious country. Posterity will definitely condemn our generation as good–for-nothing. Look elsewhere and you'll see what's happening in Egypt, Brazil, Turkey etc, etc.

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John Yawose
Columnist: Yawose, John