Opinions Tue, 26 Nov 2013

Waste management is a shared responsibility

The Managing Director of Asadu Royal Waste has called on all and sundry to play their part ensuring that the clean Ghana vision is achieved within the shortest possible time.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter, The CEO of the company, Mr Edward Asadu reintegrated the need for every Ghanaian to contribute towards the eradication of waste on our street to ensure that we are free from filth.

“Waste management is a shared responsibility and ones it is left in the hands of government and waste management without the polluter firmly involved, the work done is zero”

“Everyone who is involved in making our environment dirty should be firmly involved in cleaning the mess”

Mr Asadu, who was instigated by report while he was in Germany that Ghana was the filthiest country in the world and that it would take 200 year to clean the nation from the filth that has engulfed it, was instrumental in ensuring that the cost of clearing and dumping waste was no longer the sole responsibility of the government of Ghana.

Looking back to ten years ago when he began the campaign, he said he is pleased with the steady progress being made but was however quick to add that there was more to be done to make a steady progress towards filth free Ghana.

According to him, with the current trend, this can be achieved in 100 years to come.

He also called on government to wave the astronomical import duty slapped on clearing sanitation trucks and machineries into the country to make it easy for waste management companies to bring more equipment to fight the filth in the country.

“At the moment, we pay over Forty Thousand Cedis to import just one truck and it is really hindering the progress we could have made if there were exemptions.

He asserted that Asadu Waste Management Company is dedicated to keeping Ghana clean and will always lead the campaign for a clean Ghana.

“A clean Ghana is the vision and we are ready to lead the crusade” he concluded.
Columnist: Andoh, Isaac Kyei