We can’t build a Cathedral on a foundation of lies - Samson Anyenini

Wed, 29 Aug 2018 Source: mynewsgh.com

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Renowned legal practitioner and host of news analysis programme Newsfile, Samson Lardi Anyenini has said that there is no need to build a cathedral on a foundation of lies.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Mr. Anyenini questioned the truth behind the assertion that, there is no cost to Government.

“There is no need to build a cathedral on a foundation of lies. You don’t need evidence beyond that quit notice with an apology. In there, it is gov’t that announces it has rented accommodation for relocation of judges.

It is gov’t that commits to building 21 replacement bungalows. It is gov’t, not some church trustee group, that commits to fresh lands for building institution to be demolished” he said.

Prefixing his post with his signature ‘Pray’, he titled his opinion ‘THANKS 4 THE CATHEDRAL’

He continued: “Listen to Peter Amewu repeat these commitments with emphasis until he is asked “who pays for all that” and he hesitates and then attempts an answer that “there is a financial arrangement”, they brought the bill I have to look at it.” How much did he say the rental accommodation cost?” He asked.

“Let’s hear the men of God say and show evidence they took up the bills. Just when did even the five year old bungalows become colonial, dilapidated and not befitting? How about those still under construction and is it true the judicial service has not even finished paying for the new and/or ongoing structures, and just when did they come up with this “long-time plan to relocate” and so embraced a coincidence of a favor (miracle) to build them 21 new and better ones?” He asked again.

“No one affected has complained. They are happy.” Yeah not even the 24 hour oral quit notice got any of them to complain. Find out why that quit notice with an apology became necessary belatedly.”

“The answer to my PLEA for CHANGE of site to avoid cost is clear “we found some land to build 21 replacement bungalows and even bigger lands to build the institutions to be destroyed. These fresh naked lands are not suited for our cathedral. We won’t go anywhere else if you like go burn the sea”, and that’s okay.”


Government justified the decision to evict some nine judges from their current official residence to make way for the construction of a National Cathedral scheduled to be built in Accra.

John Peter Amewu who was Lands and Natural Resources Minister said Monday that, the government had no issues with the proposed site for the edifice per the proposal by the Rev. Asante Antwi-led committee.

“We want to build [the national cathedral] in a strategic place, something that befits this country…and that is why we’re looking for a very prime area that will fit the status of the kind of building that the committee envisaged, otherwise we can put it anywhere,” Amewu argued.

Critics have questioned the rationale behind pulling down all buildings from the Ridge Circle to the Scholarship Secretariat, the Judicial Training Institute at East Ridge and the Passport Office for the take-off of the multipurpose Cathedral.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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