We congratulate our gallant farmers

Farmers Day0323.png File photo of a farmer

Sat, 4 Dec 2021 Source: Charles Yeboah

Okuafoɔ mo, Ayekoo. Thank you to our gallant farmers.

We owe you a lot of debt.

You've held on to the fort in thick and thins.

You turn arid lands unto greeny verdant.

We've never slept on empty stomach because of your hardworking.

And you've contributed hugely to our incomes with the commodity your land brings forth.

Cocoa farmers, cashew farmers, coffee farmers, you all.

Through difficulties, unstable weather, fluctuations in prices, gluts of your produce, you never gave up.

From a meagre price of two machetes, a pair of Wellington boot and a dry-cell powered radio sett, you were never angered by our palpable insults.

You've stayed put for 37 years now, and because of you we remember our 1983 drought and ravaging fire induced famine misery with an air of accomplishments.

You never got your machetes blunt.

You cleared the weeds and planted what Ghana needed to feed.

You raised livestock to meet our meat needs.

You feed the teacher and his student.

You feed the preacher and his congregants.

You feed the banker and his clients.

The mechanic, construction worker, grave digger, the sportsman, and the lackadaisical sloths get their strength from your sweats.

Even the baboon that can handle machete benefits from your largesse and steal your corn.

The morning dews that gets you drenched is a baptism of patriotism.

The insects and reptiles that cause you pains in the line of your operations are your encouragement.

The palace will mark a festive moment with your produce.

Subjects eat to their satisfaction, belch and have praises of the forceful farmer written on his brow.

Okuafoɔ mo, thank you to our gallant farmers.

You plant for food and jobs.

In 2021 if Ghana is consolidating your gains, concerned citizens will join your side and share your worries.

Climate change is sweeping down heavily on you.

Sea surges sweep away your ploughed land.

And your brethren fishermen lose their livelihoods too.

You can't complain, but we'll do so in your stead.

As far as we find our pens after getting full with your produce, we'll forever be with.

Okuafoɔ mo ooo mo, Ayekoo.

Columnist: Charles Yeboah