We don't need any 'All Die Be Die' by-election in Assin North

The NDC And NPP Political Parties Flags The by-election if held will be a straight fight between the NDC and NPP

Sun, 1 Aug 2021 Source: Kwabena Yeboah

Currently, the national issue of the day is the outcome of the ruling of Cape Coast High Court over the Member of Parliament for Assin North, Honourable James Gyaakye Quayeson.

The Cape Coast High Court has cancelled the 2020 parlimentary election in Assin North constituency, called for re-election due to dual citizenship by the 7 months lawmaker, honourable James Gyakye Quayson.

The court presided over by Justice Kwasi Boakye ordered for fresh election to be conducted by the Electoral Commission in the constituency.

The court has also restrained the MP from taking part during any proceedings in Parliament cautioned him to desist from calling himself as a Member of Parliament for Assin North constituency.

If the National Democratic Congress (NDC) do not contest or go for an appeal, for the outcome of the verdict against their MP to seek for a redress or justice of the ruling, definitely there will be a by-election in Assin North constituency which any political party is likely to win the seat.

If it becomes crystal clear for a by election to be conducted due to the following of the High Court verdict, nobody will be able to predict the outcome of the by election which with drastically reduce the MPs of the NDC.

I will plead with the major political parties both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and NDC to calm their supporters down in the Constituency for a peaceful coexistence and a conducive atmosphere before, during and after the election.

"We don't want to witnessed any Rambo style by election as compared to what it happened in Ayawaso West Wagon by election in 2018.

Elections is not for war or fight, it's by ideologies and believes one have for a political party"the person wants to support.

It is the matter of choice, when some one doesn't belong to your side, it doesn't make the person your enemy.

Let all of us think about Ghana first and cheerish the peaceful atmospher we have in the country.

Countries surrounding us don't have the kind of peace we are enjoying.

We shouldn't allow the impending by election to plunge our beloved country, into chaos and anarchy. We don't want to hear and see any confusion and misunderstanding to destabilise our peace and freedom in the country.

We should allow peace to rule over any chaotic state that the by election will trigger.

What the political parties that will present a candidate to contest must do is to preach and promote peace among their supporters than to incite them to cause any mayhem.

If the by election will come on then this is the time the politicians should go on the grounds to campaign seriously to amass votes on the election day than to use any dubious and foul means to rigge the by election.

All the stakeholders must come together to promote and preach peaceful campaign messages to their followers.

In as much as we want peace to prevail, the referee who is the electoral commission must also organize a free and fair election.

Whenever an election is free and fair the loser will concede defeat and congratulates the winner.

What lead to back clashes after an election is when the loser has not been treated fairly.

The youth must not allow any politician to influence or incite them to go and create any violence by taking the laws into their hands. Think about your future and the country first.

We shouldn't allow any general or by elections to crippled the peaceful atmosphere we have in the country.

God bless our home land Ghana and give us peace forever.


Columnist: Kwabena Yeboah