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We’ll resist attempts to rig 2020 elections – Victor Smith warns EC, NPP

Former Ghana’s High Commissioner to the UK and former spokesperson of Jerry John Rawlings, Ambassador Victor Smith has warned that any attempt by the Electoral Commission of Ghana(EC) and the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) government to rig the election in the NPP’s favour in the upcoming general election will be fiercely resisted.

For him, the EC is working in concert with the NPP to rig the election given that the EC and the NPP are pushing for a new voters’ register in spite of widespread objections due to the EC’s own admission that the current register is credible.

Ambassador Smith also alleged that the NPP is training thugs to cause disruptions and chaos during the election so that the outcome can be to the NPP’s advantage.

“We are warning them that if they are planning to rig the election so that ordinary Ghanaians would not vote based on their state of living? You want to rig the election so that we don’t have our choice then you are bringing problem. Don’t attempt to rig,” he proclaimed in an interview with Ahotor FM recently monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

He accused the chairperson of the EC Madam Jean Mensa of not coming clear on the credibility or otherwise of the current voters’ register.

“The idea of going to bring a new voter register, Jean Mensah EC chair has failed to answer to whether it is credible or not credible. People are asking just simple question and you can’t answer. Yes she can’t answer because she will be in trouble if she answers. If she says it is credible then the question is why are you doing a new one? If she answers not credible then all the elections she supervised are not credible,” he added.

He then alleged that the insistence to compile a new voters’ register is because it will be of benefit to some persons behind the scenes: “There is a problem here. Just like the printing of the new money, someone wants something to be done or a new equipment to be brought in so they go and make the noise that we need a new register. We are not happy about it because we believe they want to manipulate the system for the 7th December election.”

As part of the grand scheme to rig the elections, Ambassador Smith alleges, is the training of thugs by the NPP while the President continues to talk about the disbandment of vigilante groups.

Source: My News GH
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