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What Qualities Do You Expect In A Ghanaian President?
Opinions Mon, 5 May 2014

What Qualities Do You Expect In A Ghanaian President?

Having listened to the views held by a section of the Ghanaian public, I am duty bound to bring them out for further public dissection, scrutiny and valuation. I do not cherish being in the limelight for any reason at this crucial moment that I need more time to myself to deal with personal issues, let alone, expressing apparently opposing or controversial views. However, I cannot just let it pass without comment, their expressed views deemed obnoxiously unhelpful to the emancipatory cause of Ghana, my beloved country. ? Some Ghanaians, either in aspiration to attain their hidden parochial interests and agenda, or out of sheer ignorance, are doting on the belief that BEAUTY is a prerequisite for becoming the president of Ghana. They argue that a handsome presidential candidate is more likely to be voted for by the masses, especially, the old persons and the floating voters during general elections. ? Yes, a handsome person can be attractive to people, human as we are, especially when it involves relationships and marriage. Even in this very instance, cautious and discerning would-be husbands and wives had better go for character. More often than not, in life, have the majority of men and women cause marital grieves to their better half. Women will be chasing handsome men and men chasing beautiful women all to the dismay of their better half. This is a fact. Having said this, they are not all dishonest those that are beautiful. ? In politics, good-looking is the least requirement when it comes to listing the qualities that make one a successful president or politician. This is the view of the more serious, the well informed and the most concerned citizens of any civilized nation. ? Frankly, the qualities expected in a person of presidential material are, dynamism, incorruptibility, sincerity, dedication to duty and selflessness in pursuit of being of service to his people and nation. In sum, personality is what counts. And my understanding of personality as defined in the dictionary is, "the sum total of all the behavioural and mental characteristics by means of which an individual is recognized as being unique". It is not all about one’s physique (the general appearance of the body with regard to size, shape, muscular development, etc.). ? Do the majority of Ghanaians find the current economic situation in Ghana palatable? If they do not, then let us investigate further to establish the reasons why. When the then presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama was on political platforms campaigning to be elected the President of Ghana, he said, "I am young and handsome, born after Ghana’s attainment of independence from the colonial masters, so vote for me". Some Ghanaians bought into his fantasy. They voted for him but in the view of many, he rigged the election to become the President of Ghana. ? What do we see now? We see only a total mess of the economy under the very watch of a young and handsome leader who is unfortunately, without the required astuteness to manage the economy. He is presumed to be full to the brim with very harmful corrupt practices and views. Under the leadership of this young handsome leader, the economy of Ghana is imploding to the detriment of the poor masses that form the majority of the populace. ? Would you still go after beauty in choosing your leader given the chance for the second time, knowing that beauty is not all that it takes to be a successful leader? With the brief argument above, one can now tell if the accusation levelled against Nana Akufo Addo by his opponents within and outside the NPP is anything to go by. Nana Akufo Addo has declared in public that he is not corrupt. No Ghanaian until today has been able to fault him on this assertion but some mischievous ones are constantly attacking his physique. ? I will in any given day go for Nana Akufo Addo as long as he is overflowing with the qualities that make a successful president. Does anyone disagree with my expressed views? Whoever holds a divergent view should please let the public read theirs, advises the proud son of Kumawu/Asiampa. ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson