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What an Unintelligent and Undiscerning Columnist he is?
Opinions Sat, 1 Feb 2014

What an Unintelligent and Undiscerning Columnist he is?

I am astonished and baffled by the vituperative rebuttal by a fellow internet columnist to a publication he claims to have been wrongly attributed to him as the author. His insulting effusions are all too evident in his publication on Ghanaweb on Wednesday 29 January 2014 under the caption, "Stop This Barbaric Impersonation, Coward!" ? He exhibited his senseless lack of discernment throughout his vainglorious endeavour to inform the reading public that he was not the author as alleged. He felt it proper, as "educated illiterate" as he proved himself to be, to rain insults on the original and only author of the said article. ? From his attacks on the actual author of the piece, one could just wonder if he was not trying to score a personal vendetta with completely an unknown person. He went to the length of criticising the author’s style of writing, boasting about his residence in the US and his academic credentials with his overused academic signature. ? I was the author of the said article, "Nana Akufo Addo to Listen to Only Two Voices out Of the Four". Nowhere on the three websites (Ghanaweb, Modernghana, and SpyGhana) where I sent it for publishing was he indicated as the author. It bears me as the author. Why then his nonsensical and baseless attacks on me? Was there any need for that? On the other hand, could any of the mentioned three websites have initially inadvertently or mischievously attributed the authorship to him without my knowledge? ? In case someone had copied it onto other social networks of which I am not aware of, and attributed the authorship to him, was it the appropriate way to go about it in proving to the world that he was not the author? Could he not have simply referred readers to the mentioned three internet websites above for them to ascertain the true identity of the actual author than to lambast me as though he has some personal scores to settle with me? ? I have never, and shall never impersonate him. What for? Am I not bold and proud enough to own up to my views and acts? It could be that whoever did as alleged, was trying to pit him against me seeing that the two of us are seemingly on the same political divide. My fellow columnist should have known better, as self-acclaimed highly educated Ghanaian as he is. He should have been farsighted enough to detect the intentions of the said perpetrator to have avoided his needless attacks on me but he didn’t. ? I will greatly appreciate any efforts by him to retract his offensively misdirected response aimed at extricating himself or distancing himself from my publication that he feels ashamed of. Common sense dictates that he had rather better tease the suspected perpetrators determined to soil his reputation, if that was their intention, by referring readers to Ghanaweb, Modernghana and SpyGhana to check for themselves who the author is than to attack the innocent author of the said article. ? I hope this unfortunate episode will never again resurface to pit one columnist against the other. No, never again! We should rather team up to fight the common enemies and problems destroying Ghana. ? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson