What the sugar-coated tongue Bawumia said could have done with 33 billon dollars in Ghana

Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumiah

Wed, 4 Aug 2021 Source: Joel Savage

I strongly believe that without the Vice-President, Mahamudu Bawumia, the NPP government wouldn’t have any chance to win the 2016 elections because when it comes to politicians with sugar-coated tongues, Bawumia leads in the country.

Bawumia is not only good at boasting but also in telling lies. Ghana's politics has grown from year to year to expose those authoritative and chronic liars like the Vice-President.

As a matter of fact, we don’t have to blame politicians that keep ignoring the people in Africa. The common people have to blame themselves because they cast votes for the politicians to treat them like trash.

I grew up in Ghana, in that country, I realized earlier that politicians don’t have respect for the common people and are not interested in the welfare of the people.

Political greed propels politicians to lie without ceasing and they don’t care about those lies, since they are only interested in winning the elections and take political positions to steal the government's money.

On the campaign trail to unseat the NDC government, the current Vice-President of Ghana, Bawumia, said many things against the NDC government of which I wonder if he still remembers he said those words.

According to Bawumia, if you take 33 billion dollars and ask yourself what could you have done with 33 million dollars?

"You could have solved the water crisis in Ghana, we could have solved the energy problems, and every region in Ghana could have 1000 asphalt roads."

Bawumia didn’t finish there, the 33 billion dollars have more to do, he said: “The money could have transformed the agricultural sector; we could have put in place a well-class hospital in every region."

The same money could have "bought 1000 ambulances, equipped the education institutions, built 600 secondary high schools, construct Kumasi-Accra railway line and there will still be left with some money."

It’s shocking that none of the projects Bawumia mentioned the NPP government could have done with 33 billion dollars ever took place in the country.

As a matter of fact, under the administration of Nana Akufo Addo, Ghana has incurred a huge debt which payment will be the burden of the next generation for decades.

The same people, parties, politicians, that have caused so much suffering to the common people, are still in power and want to come back to power in 2024.

Ghana has a long way to go and until the common people and the youth are wise enough to vote for the right leader interested in developments and their welfare, they will continue to suffer in a country that has every resource that many rich countries don't even have.

Columnist: Joel Savage
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