What you should never do in Europe as an illegal African immigrant

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Sun, 15 May 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Massive corruption has caused poverty and hardships for ordinary Africans, forcing many of the youth to leave the Dark Continent in search of greener pastures. However, many who can reach Europe violate the law, leading to their quick deportation.

This article is not to encourage illegal migration from Africa to Europe or any foreign country, but should you happen to travel to any foreign country and, due to some circumstances beyond your control, become an illegal immigrant, try to use these rules to avoid being involved in crime.

One of the reasons I am proud to be a writer with thousands of readers on the ModernGhana news platform is that I write certain articles many writers dare or can’t. But I know what many would like to read since such articles are not often written by other writers. That’s the trick to getting more readers to read.

Some readers may not agree with what you write because of hate and tribalism. But when under attack and insulted, don’t be provoked to attack back. Let it be and go on with your life. Even Jesus Christ, who never sinned, was accused of blasphemy, let alone an ordinary, imperfect man.

I was once an illegal immigrant myself in Europe, but before arriving on the European shore decades ago, a friend who had already established himself gave me some orders to follow. He said it’s not easy to acquire legal documents in Europe, so I must avoid certain crimes to survive.

I followed his instructions and avoided being involved in any crime that would either take me to prison or deport me. On August 1, 2019, I shared an article entitled "Picking Up The Pieces To Build A Wholesome Life" on the ModernGhana news platform about my life as an illegal immigrant in Holland.

Today, I will share with you what you should never get into as an illegal immigrant in any developed or developing country.

1. No matter the suffering you go through while in Europe, avoid stealing food from a supermarket. There are security cameras everywhere that monitor the activities of everyone in the shop. When you are caught, you’ll be handed over to the police. Some countries will deport you immediately, others may put you behind bars for at least a month before deportation. If you are not a shy person, you can talk to any African you see. Some may not help you, others will.

2. Never be tempted to sell drugs for a living in Europe or any foreign country, even when starving. It’s a big crime that arrested nationals don’t easily get off the hook, let alone illegal immigrants. When caught dealing in narcotics, you’ll serve at least five years in prison before your deportation.

3. You may be an illegal immigrant; therefore, you have no place to stay. That can happen because it’s not every African that is willing to accommodate you. However, in such a difficult situation, avoid living with anyone who deals in drug trafficking. If the police investigating the culprit decide to arrest you, you’ll be arrested together with that person. Even though you are not part of it, nothing can convince the police. You’ll be behind bars for some time and consequently deported to Africa.

4. I have seen African immigrants who couldn’t handle the difficulties and harsh realities of life in Europe suddenly become alcoholics and junkies. Once you become an alcoholic or junkie, you become a nuisance and a threat to the public. Under the influence of alcohol and drugs, your thinking ability is gone. Therefore, you may do something that can put you into trouble, leading to your deportation. There are many organizations in Europe for illegal immigrants. Search for a nearby one to see if they can help you in any way. They can also send you to other places they work with to help you.

5. Never drive in any developed country without a driving license. Many African illegal immigrants, after getting social assistance, stupidly purchase cars to drive, even though they are not qualified to drive. If you are caught, the police will first seize the vehicle and you will be severely punished. You may either be deported or be heavily fined, depending on your status of stay in that country.

6. If you are an illegal immigrant, avoid sitting in vehicles with legal residents. If any accident occurs and the police are on the scene, they will demand your papers, and since you are an illegal immigrant passenger, you’ll be arrested and deported. If you are not hurt during the accident, that’s when you have to leave before the police arrive, but if you are hurt, don’t flee the scene because you don’t know the extent of your injuries. Wait till the arrival of the police, even if you are an illegal immigrant. You’ll be taken to the hospital and, if lucky, due to that accident, you will be given legal papers to live and work in that country.

7. As an illegal immigrant in Europe, you’ll face many challenges. The most common and difficult situation facing many illegal immigrants in Europe is paying for public transport. No matter how poor, tired, or hungry you are, avoid taking buses, trains, or trams without tickets to any destination. In some European countries, you can’t board public transport without a ticket, but in some, you can, but that doesn’t mean you are free. Before the end of your destination, from nowhere, you’ll see ticket controllers onboard. The nationals caught without tickets are fine, but the illegal immigrants are handed over to the police for deportation.

8. Some African brothers are very wicked. If they don’t like you, they can easily report to the police that an illegal immigrant lives in that house and is always giving problems. I did mention one day in one of my articles that, as a translator, the Borgerhout Community Police station in Antwerp once asked me why Africans like to report themselves so much. As an illegal immigrant, always be careful to avoid stepping on the toes of others or getting on the nerves of people who may not like you.

9. Avoid walking late at night, especially after midnight, and going to discos, and nightclubs. Maybe you are looking for your pretty lady to share your dreams with, but those times are not good for illegal immigrants. The police control the city 24 hours daily, and at that time, you might be stopped. If it appears that you are an illegal immigrant, even though you haven’t committed any crime, you will still be arrested.

10. Never fight in Europe or any developed country, no matter how you are provoked. Illegal Due to misunderstandings, it’s very common to see illegal Africans exchanging blows in Europe. You must avoid being in the police net. When you live in a house as an illegal immigrant and a problem between documented immigrants occurs, leave the house as soon as possible. When the police are called to that house and they find out that you are an illegal immigrant living there, you’ll be deported. Finally, never touch a woman in any place in a developed country. Some Africans think that once married to a woman, she becomes your property to beat her. If you come to Europe with that nonsense and slap a woman, the authorities will not forgive you. You’ll go to prison and be deported afterward since you are an illegal immigrant.

Columnist: Joel Savage