When did the NPP become each for himself God for us all

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Mon, 16 May 2022 Source: Isaac Alanseke

I am still wondering about the massive prayer groups the NPP organized to win the election.

Why can't they make a prayer at this time of the pandemic, a conscious process priority and not a panic event?

The NPP in authority now has its own choice of pastors.

These pastors were cursing the NPP and Nana not coming to power.

Nana and NPP couldn't get near them when they were in opposition.

In opposition, they didn't ask for our certificates, we were walking on foot, riding bicycles and motorcycles anytime Nana and NPP meet us for prayers.

Most of the time by then, when we organize prayers for NPP, almost all the poor neglected pastors and their members come to pray for Nana and NPP.

I remember after the 8th August 2016 prayers in Bolga, the big pastors in Bolga attacked us verbally for organizing prayer for Nana and NPP.

In God factor theory, you can not succeed as a leader if are not faithful to the poor and needy who sacrifice to defend you when you were in need.

David did not forget the poor and the needy who gathered themselves and helped David when he was chased out by Saul. Another example is Jephthah.

I don't regret praying and believing in NPP and Nana but I feel ashamed of myself because no pastor is looking up to me now as a good testimonial example he will like to follow

The Nana NPP has no plan to grow the party's financial sustenance at the grassroot level.

Everything is hooked up to the top level and first-class NPP persons, leveraging every monetary transaction to their rich opponent for kickbacks.

They are not even ashamed sometimes to say that their NPP brothers are poor, the can not execute jobs.

It is no surprise that the NPP and our own Nana will chose pastors who are rich, ride in v8, have voices and are being worshipped in Ghana over the poor and needy ministers of God who cried to God on behalf of Nana and NPP when H.E. needed them most when we were in opposition.

We are in power and they can not call a poor pastor and bless him.

Now all the poor and hungry pastors are beggars and not faithful in eyes of NPP gurus.

Rich and famous pastors, are NPP gurus' peers.

How many rich and famous pastors even think about the poor pastors in a village like overseas.

I have to relocate from Bolga town to Namoo-kansoe a village in Bongo near Burkina border in an uncompleted building with GPS address uo-0775-4284.

I can not lift my head up in a town just because I and the pastors who stood with NPP at the time of need are now a mockery and a laughing stock.

The pastors who mock us in UER were invited by NPP to take part in the laying of stone for the construction of the national cathedral.

We are demoralized by the same NPP we sacrifice for. There is a saying in some NPP quarters that, NPP is not worth dying for.

I'm tempted to believe that it is true.

To consolidate NPP in 2024 which I believe Bawunia should lead, NPP and Nana should as matter of urgency, reconsider their own at the grassroots level in all departments of the party.

We might not get the gains we had in 2016 even if we win in 2020 because of the theory of mass grassroots neglect.

What benefit will it be to the whole nation If you as President and your ministers achieve your aim and hand over power to the opposition whom you have made them richer in their grassroots level than NPP in the middle-class level within this three and half of your rule? They will halt all the NPP party flagship programs which is good in building a prosperous nation.

If NPP really wants good for the nation and not only for big gurus alone then the President and his ministers must decentralize all projects to the regional and district level.

Bongo district is an example of how the NPP has stabbed its own grassroots sponsors, denying the potential financier of NPP in Bongo contracts, claiming, they are poor.

Columnist: Isaac Alanseke