World Partners for Development-Ghana

Sat, 2 Mar 2013 Source: Darko, Phillip


Empowering High School Students in Rural Ghana In this global world, 85% of the world’s young people live in developing countries.

Young people, especially girls and women, are the most vulnerable to social problems caused by unemployment and poverty. World Partners for Development- Ghana, which regards youth as a major force for a better world, supports young people in the drive to alleviate unemployment and poverty has partnered with rural schools in Ghana to empower young people to demonstrate new ideas on Resume/CV writing, interview skills and job search; know the importance of higher education, vocational training and credit mechanisms for entrepreneurship and employment.

Our 2013 programme, began at the Amasaman Senior High School by our visiting intern from Germany who is also a product of University of Manchester (UK), Ximena Toledo, our team members Nancy Chichi and Cynthia Kena. More than 700 students from the school has benefited from this bright future participatory programme since January this year.

Modern Technology & NGO Work in Africa

What once required the physical presence of a number of people in particular location is now being accomplished through modern technology like videoconferencing.

Video conferencing solutions has given many nonprofits like World Partners for Development-Ghana who was the first grassroots NGO in Ghana to utilize videoconferencing in its programmes, the ability to: connect local schools and organisations to their peers across the globe in effective educational programs; reduce travel expenses and greenhouse gas emissions; implement or improve training programs for underserved communities; and showcase live cultural programs. In February this year, our team participated in a video conference programme in Cape Coast, Ghana which linked participants face-to-face between the Akoma Ntoaso Cultural Center in New Jersey, USA and their other center in Cape Coast with live Ghanaian cultural activities.

Columnist: Darko, Phillip