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Which of these two cases is more sinister to warrant punishment?

Okomfo Anokye556657 File photo of Okomfo Anokye

Thu, 19 May 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

The public opinion is hereby sought to determine which of the underlying two case scenarios is more serious evil to demand punishment for the perpetrator. You have to be honest with yourselves to tell nothing but the absolute truth. No toleration of sycophancy here, I must emphasize.

In case of scenario one, the paramount chief of a division in the Ashanti Region (name of the town withheld), refused to honor the compulsory invitation by the then occupant (name withheld) of the Golden Stool.

The paramount chief perceived the invitation to do with the chieftaincy dispute then ongoing within his division where another royal was claiming to be the rightful person to have ascended the throne but not the current occupier, I should think.

He totally refused to honor the invitation and subsequently never attended any further Asanteman Council meetings at Manhyia Palace in Kumasi.

The occupant of the Golden Stool passed a few years later. A new one was sworn in.

The new occupant of the Golden Stool eventually managed to destool the paramount chief for his insubordination towards his deceased uncle, the predecessor occupant of the Golden Stool.

He said the refusal by the paramount chief to attend the invitation in effect amounted to his disrespect for the Golden Stool but not only for the occupant of the Golden Stool.

The charge for his destoolment was he has disrespected the Golden Stool by his disrespect for its occupant when he deliberately stubbornly refused to attend the invitation.

In the second case scenario, the occupant of the Golden Stool is said to have had a dream. He said, "I have had a dream (unlike that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to foretell the good tidings for American blacks).

In the dream, the Golden Stool/Okomfo Anokye appeared to him. The Golden Stool told him a name of a person, the person's mother's name, the home that person comes from, and the work he does. It further told him that the entire true royal family from that particular division in Asanteman has gone extinct hence there is longer any true royal family member, or royal of any category, in that town.

Therefore, the Golden Stool tasked him to appoint that non-royal mentioned to him in his dream as the paramount chief for that division in Asanteman or Ashanti region.

However, there still exists a true royal family with many living members of that family in that division of which the current occupant of the Golden Stool is himself very much aware.

Can the Golden Stool be lying to itself? In case the Golden Stool/Okomfo Anokye is not lying but the current occupant of the Golden Stool is putting words into their mouth to be able to execute his personal diabolic agenda for his selfish gains, then the public is invited to answer in all honesty, the question below.

Does the Golden Stool stand to be more disrespected by one disregarding the invitation of its occupant, or by one putting false words into its mouth to usurp others' properties from them in the name of the Golden Stool tasking them to do that?

If the Golden Stool/Okomfo Anokye has said there are no more royals or any true royal family in (name withheld) whereas indeed there are, has the Golden Stool/Okomfo Anokye not become a BIG LIAR?

If the Golden Stool has not been directed as it is alleged, does the person alleging not making the Golden Stool hated and disrespected more than he who refuses to attend the invitation by the occupant of the Golden Stool?

Sycophants will get the answer wrong but not rational beings who are ready, to tell the truth, to shame the devil.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo