Opinions Mon, 25 May 2015

Who are the Enemies of Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong, if Not Themselves?

I have only skimmed through a publication on Ghanaweb today, Saturday 23 May 2015, titled, "We will win 2016 elections to shame our detractors – Afoko". I am just confused. I can't get my head around what Mr Paul Afoko, the Chairman of NPP, is communicating to Ghanaians, especially, to the suffering masses who aspire to see a change in government from NDC to NPP.

Who are the alleged detractors, if I should ask? Are Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong not the very persons who have been acting maliciously, hoping to scupper the dreams of the suffering Ghanaian masses? Have discerning members of NPP and Ghanaians who care about Ghana not through various media conveyed their concerns and warnings to them? Did they ever listen to any of the useful advice given to them? Certainly, no! If they had, we would today not be sitting with the untimely death of brother Mahama Adams, the Upper East NPP Regional Chairman. If they had, there would never be any cause today for political friends and enemies of NPP, to be castigating both the entirety of the members of the party and the allegedly accused – Afoko and Agyepong.

We need to learn a bitter lesson from the incident that has befallen Mr Mahama Adams through the scheming of some yet to be discovered faceless people. Afoko and Agyepong must understand again that nobody can reverse the purpose of God. He, who tries to, shall be shamed in the end.

Will they be reformed for the better to conform to the expectations of the majority of the suffering Ghanaian masses or they will remain as questionable as before, misbehaving themselves despotically arrogantly?

It takes the tiny crab to kill the mighty elephant. In the same manner, it takes one simple mistake for an elevated person to fall from grace to grass. I pity all those in NPP who ignorantly believe that they can run the party as their private enterprise, doing what they want, when they want. The good God is watching while the devil is hovering around seeking someone to destroy, humiliate, kill and devour.

Paul Afoko is his own detractor, if he cares to know. He should not look further than the tip of his knows to see his enemies or detractors. They are within him.

Finally I say, "It does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps". It is my prayer that God will grant our departed brother, Maham Adams, everlasting peace and keep him in His bosom. Amen.

This is a lesson for us all.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson