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Who hate(s) these Kumasi traders the most

With the idea of the NDC to develop the whole of Central Market, Kejetia and its lorry terminals into a modernised Market, there was a need to relocate all the traders and drivers who were working there.

One of the places they were relocated to was the RACE COURSE

I have been going to the RACE COURSE to pick lorry to many destinations every time, I visit Kumasi ever since the lorry station was relocated to this place and so I have a first-hand information of how the place actually looks like.

This is a brief, better, more beautiful, nicely dressed description of the place than how it actually looks like.

1. The place is a waterlogged area, some parts actually looks like some muddy galamsey river

2. Most of the places are full of weeds with some parts with trees as huge as a wawa tree meant to be cut for timber in a day's time

3. There are no toilet nor urinal facilities in the area

4. The place is very dusty when the place is dry and very muddy when it rains

5. Others

Besides these issues, the traders who have no choice than to sell their items in the rivers, mud and dust also rented small portion of these lands at very huge costs.

Just recently, I was told after a light rainfall there, lorries couldn't move in or out of the place, most of them actually got stuck, so I'm just wondering what would happen if the place experiences a very heavy rainfall.

Moreover, there are no lights there to give light at night or early in the morning(if there is any, I haven't seen any yet) for the traders and drivers to move around with.

They are also at risk of snakes and armrobbers; there was news recently that, someone died of a snake bite as he/she was preparing his/her portion bought to start trade.

I see this as pure wickedness to these brothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, relatives of ours.

I think they weren't thought of well before relocating them to this area

Note the rulers of these people who are responsible for their welfare are a chief, a king, a KMA boss, a regional minister and a president

Aside the president, the rest are all of the same tribe as a majority of these people who have been relocated there are Ashantis and so I ask which of these of my Bosses has/have been more wicked to these people.

Thank you and may GOD be praised always

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

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Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa