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Who says Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) is not a presidential material?

Kennedy Agyapong In Suit Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong

Wed, 14 Sep 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Do most Ghanaians know what it takes to be presidential material? Do most Ghanaians know who a successful president is? Do most Ghanaians aspire to see Ghana rid of all, or most, of the factors militating against her socio-politico-economic emancipation?

Again, do we know that it is not the fittest or the strongest animal that is capable and able to survive in the jungle but the one able to adapt to the changing harsh conditions of the jungle, hence proving wrong the saying, "the survival of the fittest"? It is the survival of the one able to adapt to the changing conditions of its environment?

Additionally, there is a time for everything as stipulated in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. If that is so, and the conditions of the survivability of Ghana have visibly changed, do we still stick to the known old ways and characteristics of judging or ascertaining who is, and what it takes, to be presidential material? In my candid opinion with all seriousness, the answer is a no.

In addition to all the long paper qualifications required of one, as in the porous view of many a Ghanaian, for becoming a presidential material, don't we have to consider honesty, pragmatism, and one's respect for awarding positions on meritocracy?

Who among all the aspiring candidates and or, yet to declare their intentions to aspire to contest for their political party's flagbearer spot, is more honest than Kennedy Agyapong (Hon)?

Who among those now acknowledged to contest for the presidency is more honest, pragmatic, and believes in appointing officials to positions of higher public responsibilities than Kennedy Agyapong, the maverick politician and a member of parliament for Assin Central in the Central region?

Kennedy is known to be insulting. Yes, for that every Ghanaian is aware of. However, have we taken the time to find out why he insults? Could it not be the abundance of the Ghanaian's love of corruption and propensity to commit crimes with impunity and their infatuation with lawlessness that get him so frustrated to insult the offenders?

Why should one continue to plead with criminals and offenders for a change of their minds and attitudes when they are never in the mood to change but stick to their evil ways? Does that situation not call for radical measures of which heaping of insults on them is the least among them?

Let me honestly emphasise to Ghanaians that the level of lawlessness coupled with the inability to enforce laws as is prevalent in the country calls for a radical person who is ready to take the bull by the horn to become the president of Ghana.

Once laws are stringently enforced in their application, all the lawlessness begetting crimes as are detrimentally ongoing in the country will be curtailed or ceased. If that is the reality, then ask yourselves if Kennedy Agyapong does not have the capability and ability to enforce the obedience of the law.

If adherence to the law can rid Ghana of official corruption, official infatuation with malfeasance, and committing of crimes with impunity, why then do we not go for that person who can enforce the laws?

Among all the obvious possible candidates to declare their intention to contest for election 2024, does Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) not stand taller than them when it comes to the person capable and able to crack the whip on the back of lawless individuals to get them to become law-abiding for the collective interest of Ghanaians?

Do we neglect such a person, accusing him of not being presidential material because he insults people for, or not for, the fun of it?

If he becomes president, he will not insult anyone again. Why? It’s because he will have had the authority to order the law to work and hence will not encounter the level of lawlessness he currently sees that causes a surge in his adrenalin to culminate in the insults he heaps on the law breakers.

Let us revisit this old story of putting one’s intelligence to the test. You are faced with the situation of your mum being escorted to the gallows to be executed and one where you are offered to buy power. You are asked to choose between trying to save your mum’s life and buying the power. Which one will you choose?

Deep thinkers will choose to buy power and by the authority that comes with power, you can immediately issue an order for your mum to be released. What a perfect case of killing two birds with a stone.

If power can let you have your way as portrayed in the scenario above, then once Kennedy Agyapong is elected president, he will not insult anyone any more. Where he will have had the need to insult because one is obstinately committing lawless acts, he will order the arrest and prosecution of that culprit and it will straightaway be done.

Therefore, it is wrong on the part of anyone to say that Kennedy is not presidential material because he insults people.

Kennedy is more of a presidential material in this era of Ghana faced with lawlessness and the leaders being corrupt and weak to control the situation than almost all his peers put together. He is a hundred times more credible than John Dramani Mahama whom many Ghanaians look up to as a saviour to come to save Ghana come election 2024.

I will prefer a team comprising Kennedy Agyapong, Dr. Alhaji Mahammudu Bawumia, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, and Dr. George Akuffo Dampare (IGP) to rule Ghana. Each of them has something in them that can help Ghana to succeed.

In the absence of such a team, I will say, Kennedy all the way!!!

He is the man with the clout and the master plan to save Ghana. For that, there is no doubt about it!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo