Whom you know protocol always protects criminals

Law The writer avers that there is no level playing field between the rich and poor

Tue, 24 Aug 2021 Source: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

The system we find ourselves in looks like we seek freedom without justice. There is no equality in Justice. The law arrests only the poor and leaves the rich. I sometimes believe that 'nobody is above the law' is not 100% true.

The law is afraid of the mighty and great personalities, in other words, the movers and shakers in the country. We are living like an animal kingdom, where the survival of the fittest is a key point. There is no level playing field for both the poor and rich.

If the syndrome of whom you know protocol is not demystified, there will not be any zero tolerance of crime rate in the country. Those criminals who are connected to the big men or kingpins who are like Demi or tin gods will always continue to commit crimes without fear or favor.

The Godfather and son relationship motivates criminals to do whatever they want to do.

Notwithstanding the fact about those children whose parents are the prominent people in the country, some of them have in mind that, looking at their family backgrounds, even if they break the governing laws; their pampering behaviors, the laws can't bring them to book.

Sometimes when you overhear some kind of crime, the poor commit, and land in prison, you begin to ask yourself questions, about the minor crime that makes the poor goes into prison for forty years, but those big men who have embezzled and misappropriated the state funds are walking freely.

If you are not careful you might think that the security forces are not doing their work well but sometimes order from above stresses and makes them like a toothless bulldog, having teeth but can't bite.

When it continues like this, it will get to a time nobody will respect the law, and everyone will do whatever he or she prefers to do irrespective or regardless of the law.

It will be very dangerous to live in a nation where the laws are not working properly, a lawless state attracts criminals to perpetrate crime often.

People who live in a lawless country are not safe from the wicked hands of criminals, their safeness can't be predicted.

Those who shade and protect criminals must desist from that, and allow the law to take its due course, to charge, persecute and sentence them.

It will serve as a deterrent to others, in the same criminal activities.

Let's kick against the whom you know, protocol syndrome that always intercedes, intervene and plead on behalf of those who break the laws, to allow the law to deal with them.

Nobody must be above the law. We are all under the law. Let's stop hijacking the laws from working effectively.

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large