Why Ghana’s parliament has refused to pass effective laws to criminalize corruption

Parliament House Parliament house if Ghana

Sat, 14 Aug 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Do you know the reason why decades of the fight against land degradation, illegal mining, and corruption in Ghana has been a futile battle and the Parliament has refused to pass effective laws to tackle these problems?

Firstly, this is because apart from the law which doesn’t work in the country, the politicians at the Parliament are corrupt and secondly, there are government officials occupying high positions that are involved.

Therefore, until the destruction of our natural systems is crucial for the survival of the entire human society, as well illegal mining that has destroyed our environment and polluted the streams, are taken as

a crime against humanity, Ghana will never move forward as a country.

Crimes against human dignity are gross violations of human rights that require affordable and reliable remedies but in Ghana, because the constitution doesn’t carry any weight just like the country’s

judiciary system, politicians commit crimes and break the law with impunity.

I can’t reveal any document pertaining to the imprisonment of any corrupt politician in Ghana, yet the entire system is infected by corruption.

Every government that comes to power promises to fight corruption but they are the same criminals that steal every money from the government's coffers.

How can the Ghanaian government show concern about global warming, land degradation, and illegal mining without taking appropriate measures to end these problems?

In a country like Ghana that nothing works and above all, the law doesn’t work, appointing a new Special Prosecutor to fight corruption is meaningless.

Ghanaians are sick and tired of the empty promises of the fight against corruption and illegal mining in the country. It is time to change course.

Parliament should, therefore, pass a law that will finally put corrupt politicians and illegal miners behind bars if found guilty.

Ghanaian politicians are so corrupt to the extent that they don’t want to pass effective laws as measures to reduce political crimes and corruption.

Judges have the audacity to put goat thieves behind bars but together with the politicians, they steal and take bribes with impunity.

We need effective laws to criminalize corruption, illegal mining, and crimes committed against nature and the ecosystem in our country.

Columnist: Joel Savage
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