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Why Is Akuffo Addo So Obsessed With Sex?

Uncle JB has been monitoring the words that keep falling from the lips of the 22+ elephants struggling to take over from Ataa Ayi K4 as leader of the narcotics peddlers party and I am quite worried about the kinds of things that seem to be on the mind of Nana Akuffo Addo.

All the other contestants seem to be finding ways and means of painting mental pictures that portray them as the best to lead the pack but Akuffo Addo seems to have nothing but sex on his mind.

It is not a secret what sex means to Nana Akuffo Addo, but for goodness sake, can’t he campaign without making sex the major thread that runs through his watery messages?

About a month ago, it was reported that Akuffo Addo, whiles campaigning in the Ashanti Region, and in his attempt to fend off the challenge of younger ones like Kwabena Agyepong and Dan Botwe, said that if the younger ones want to know how fit he is, they should go and ask his wife about his prowess in bed.

Yes, of all the things that Akuffo Addo could think of, as a way of countering the call by Kwabena Agyepong and co that younger ones should be given the mandate to lead the narcotics peddlers party, Akuffo Addo chose to tell us to ask his wife about how he rolls and jumps in bed.

So Akuffo Addo’s ability to saddle his wife all night long is the reason why the narcotics peddlers party should give him the mandate to be its leader? My goodness!!!

Can you imagine what Akuffo Addo would use his position to do, if all that is on his mind is sex?

Then about two and a half weeks ago in Gabby Asare Otchere Darko’s Statesmen, the selfsame Akuffo Addo is reported to have said that he is the only person capable of beating Professor Mills and that if given the mandate to lead the NPP, he would make sure that he whips Atta Mills so badly that the learned professor would lose appetite for food as well as his wife.

So for the second time in a matter of days Akuffo Addo made sex the overriding theme of his campaign talk.

Then yesterday, October 16, 2007, Akuffo Addo, when he made a desperate attempt to market himself at the Arts Center, made the point again that he is “macho” and that his antics in bed attest to his “machoness”.

“The real strength of a man can only be determined by a woman so ask the women how strong I am” were the words of Akuffo Addo.

This time around, Akuffo Addo makes it explicitly clear that he has lots of women who can attest to his “machoness” as he makes reference to “women”.

Why, does Akuffo Addo think that he is auditioning to take part in a porno movie?

If Akuffo Addo is such an expert when it comes to having sex, he should go to Hollywood and get himself a part in the numerous porno movies so that the next time Kofi 1234 goes on a porno movie buying spree he can buy one that stars his relative Nana Akuffo Addo.

To tell you the truth, I am really pissed off with this constant talk about sex and ones prowess in bed when there are more pressing matters of national concern that ought to be discussed.

You are trying to convince people to vote for you to lead a political party and all you do on your campaign trail is to talk about how you screw your wife and how others would not be able to screw their wives? And you want people to take you serious?

As mentioned earlier, Akuffo Addo’s sexual addiction is a matter of public knowledge but for goodness sake, can’t Gabby, Mustapha Hamid and co tell Akuffo Addo to get sex off his mind when he is canvassing for votes?

But who can blame Akuffo Addo for having sex permanently on his mind when in the NPP, it is ones ability to poke lots of women (including married women) that makes a person well respected?

Why, was Thomas Broni not promoted from the Forestry Ministry to the Interior Ministry when Broni snatched the wife of a fellow NPP member?

And did Ataa Ayi K4 not keep Dickie Dick Anane on as Minister for months after Dickie Dick Anane went on an AIDS conference and had raw sex with Alexandria O’Brien resulting in the birth of Nicholas Anane?

And did Gisselle not confess on air that for more than a year whiles in Ghana, she was involved in a very “intimate” relationship with Ataa Ayi K4 out of which it is believed that the twins, Philip and John, were begat?

So if in the NPP, sex is the foremost thing on the minds of its leading lights, why would Akuffo Addo not be touring the country talking about how potent he is when it comes to bedmatics?

As for me uncle JB, I am just praying that the narcotics peddlers party would elect Nana Akuffo Addo as its flagbearer and that is when I would move my propaganda machinery into high gear and get thousands of women to vote against Akuffo Addo since an Akuffo Addo presidency is one that would just spend its mandate sleeping around with anything female with Akuffo Addo and his officials going on platforms to let the whole world know how much of sex machines that they are.

I hope the women of Ghana are listening to Akuffo Addo and are taking note of the way Akuffo Addo is hinging his political career on his ability to have nonstop sex.

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Columnist: Uncle JB