Why Kevin Taylor should stop those attacks on Captain Smart

Captain Smart And Kevin Taylor Ghanaian journalists, Captain Smart and Kevin Taylor

Sat, 1 Jan 2022 Source: Joel Savage

As technology advances, the speed of information transfer increases every day, allowing many journalists around the world, to use the internet to educate and deal with issues affecting our society.

Among many distinctive Ghanaian journalists, are Captain Smart, Kevin Taylor, and many others who are doing a very good job for the benefit of Ghanaians, especially, the common people.

In the past and today, Kevin Taylor has been very bitter against corrupt politicians and those destroying Ghana with tribal issues.

He has also shown dissatisfaction over the poor work of many journalists whose works are doing more harm to our country than good. That's why I respect Mr. Taylor for what he does.

He often says that he hasn’t invited anyone to listen to his programme, therefore, if you disagree with him, you should go somewhere else.

However, what Mr. Taylor doesn’t like some of the listeners do to him is exactly what he is now doing against Captain Smart.

For some time now, I have heard several video clips of Kevin Taylor calling Captain Smart a liar and not a qualified journalist, thus; he is forcing himself to fit in the system. That is very bad of Kevin Taylor, he should stop doing that.

If I may ask Mr. Taylor when Captain Smart was sacked from Angel Broadcasting Network, was he not the same person who announced to Mr. Blessed Godsbrain to contact him for employment - on a $3,000 monthly salary?

If Smart is not fit in the system as a journalist why did Mr. Taylor make such an offer? Many times, while we try to settle differences in public or solve certain problems, the wrong approach will come back to question your integrity.

I have respect for every Ghanaian journalist and the ‘Freedom Fighters’ that have devoted their time in trying to make Ghana a better country.

I appreciate their time and efforts because the path they have chosen is not an easy walk to freedom, since they continuously meet hostile and unfriendly people.

The fact that Captain Smart's goal is similar to his, fighting against corruption and finding better solutions for the common people, it is not good for Mr. Taylor to be attacking Mr. Smart, he should, therefore, stop that.

As said earlier, I respect both Captain Smart and Kevin Taylor and for a long time, I have been enjoying their programmes. Both hosts have inspired me in many ways to be tougher on certain issues affecting our country, I will, therefore, ask Mr. Taylor to stop the attacks on Captain Smart.

Columnist: Joel Savage