Why are Ghanaians blaming Anas for collapsing Ghana’s football?

Black Stars9 610x400 Why are Ghanaians blaming Anas for collapsing Ghana’s football?

Tue, 8 Feb 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Ghana as a nation is a massively corrupt-infested country and this incurable disease has affected its entire infrastructure, including sports, therefore, nothing is progressing in the country.

That’s the reason a Ghanaian investigative journalist, called Anas Aremeyaw Anas, took it upon himself intending to change things in the country since the government, in particular, doesn’t care much and has failed the fight against corruption.

However, it seems crime and corruption have been institutionalized in the country as lucrative businesses; therefore, people are no longer interested in investigations to stop the nefarious activities affecting the country.

Does it mean that football is so important in Ghana than the fight against corruption in the country? Which government or people will have attitudes contradictory to the fight against corruption because of football?

This is one of the reasons the fight against corruption in Ghana has become meaningless.

Crime and corruption have increased and since there is a high rate of unemployment, it seems the government has discouraged the fight against corruption because it saves them from any protests.

While many are happy and satisfied over what Anas’ has achieved as an investigative journalist, others also are at the throat of the journalist.

Anas is now considered a traitor, who has ruined football in Ghana and is also responsible for the problems Ghana’s football faces today.

This wouldn't sound logical in any good country but it is in Ghana because it's an African country often referred to as a shit-hole nation.

More importantly, which country in the world will be glad to establish the esteem and status of football in corruption, unless Ghana?

Even though religion plays an important role in the country, Ghana appears to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world, not in Africa.

If people will go as far as attacking writers and journalists exposing politicians involved in corruption, tells you that Ghana is a very bad country, indeed.

The whole idea is since many Ghanaians live on corruption as the only means of survival and as a supplement to their income, they will do everything to discourage what Anas does as an investigative journalist.

So, it’s the choice of Anas to let the forces of corruption subdue him or fight back to show them what the power of an investigative journalist means.

Columnist: Joel Savage