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Why are NDC politicising the IGP’s reply to the British High Commissioner in Ghana?

IGP Dampare And British High Commissioner, Harriet Thompson British High Commissioner and Ghana's IGP

Sat, 4 Jun 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Sorry to say, the NDC, as vagabonds and desperate for power as many of them are, do hasten to jump for any seeming, but honestly, deceptive, opportunity that presents itself as being capable of enhancing their chances of winning general elections.

I wonder why they relish solely in populism to winning elections rather than policies and programmes. This being their trademark, they always seek to politicise any issue that takes place in the country where the public may vehemently express their views.

Once a section of the public express an opposing views on an issue, say, a policy or programme, by the ruling NPP government, despite its relevance to the general public and the nation were the policy or programme implemented and succeeded, the NDC hurriedly join that bandwagon. They can’t think far to be able to visualise the end bad result of their action. And, do they care as long as they are able to chalk any little success, winning the support of the public? No!

It is not that they don’t know it is not always that the majority is right, it is all about them trying their hardest to win elections hence always joining the public chorus without pausing a second to think about the repercussions of their actions.

Do they care? I think, no. As long as they are not coming to power to seek the collective interests of Ghanaians and mother Ghana but to care for themselves and the few those able to contribute immensely towards bringing them to power, in what they call “No Contribution No Chop” (NCNC), they will always pursue populist politics.

Let me go back to deal with the subject matter of this publication which is, “Why are NDC politicising the IGP’s reply to the British High Commissioner in Ghana?”

The British High Commissioner in Ghana, Ms Harriet Thompson, on Tuesday, 17 May 2022, tweeted saying, “Oliver Barker Vormawor, convener of #FixTheCountry movement, arrested again, I understand for a motoring offence on his way to court. I'll be interested to see where this goes…”.

Her tweet, which understandably amounts to tactical interference in the internal affairs of Ghana by a foreign diplomat, did not sit well with the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare, for security reasons.

To start with, there is international protocol that bars foreign diplomats from meddling in the internal affairs of any sovereign country they find themselves in, let alone, seeking to protect a potential coup d’état plotter on trial for treason.

Since the High Commissioner was posted to Ghana, was the arrest of Oliver Barker Vorawor for traffic offence the first time of her learning about people being arrested and prosecuted for traffic offences? If no, had she tweeted to express her interests in those culprits’ cases? If no, why not?

If, on the other hand it is the first time of her hearing about people being arrested and prosecuted for traffic offences in Ghana, does she have the right to put her nose into it by way of her quoted tweet, being a foreign diplomat?

Hang on a second; does she know that foreign diplomats are by international protocol not allowed to meddle in the internal affairs, let alone, security affairs, of a foreign nation, unless they have no respect for the nation concerned, seeing it as inferior and can bully or mistreat it and get away with it?

Why does the High Commissioner show interest in the case of only Oliver Barker Vormawor, NDC activist insanely bent on bringing NDC to power even if it should take a coup d’état to make it happen?

For the attention of the British High Commissioner, nationals and foreigners found themselves in any country are arrested and prosecuted when they breach traffic regulations, their social status notwithstanding.

In her country, United Kingdom, where I have been living for decades, I have seen, heard and read about people being arrested, given on the spot fine and or, prosecuted for traffic offences. Some end up in jail.

However, I have never heard of an instance where any foreign diplomat in the United Kingdom has expressed their concern or interests in such offenders’ prosecution.

I can cite numerous instances where people, especially, very important personalities, in Britain, have been arraigned for committing traffic offences. Nonetheless, I shall cite only one for lack of time on my side.

A Member of British Parliament, Chris Huhne, doubling as Former Lib Dem energy secretary, was jailed for traffic offence that culminated in his perverting the course of justice.

“Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce each jailed for eight months”, reported in The Guardian under the link below.


The NDC with their little-mindedness but gross infatuation with lies, populism and desperation for power, stupidly jumped on the IGP, accusing him of breaching diplomatic protocol by his writing to question the High Commissioner on what grounds she desires to be interested in the arrest and possible prosecution of Oliver Barker Vormawor for traffic offence in Ghana?

The IGP’s 15-points question letter of 4 pages to the British High Commissioner was spot on.

Check both Ghanaweb and Modernghana publications of their General News of Tuesday, 31 May 2022, for “Dampare puts 15 questions to British High Commissioner, asks her to ‘mind her business”

Dampare puts 15 questions to British High Commissioner, asks her to ‘mind her business’

Dampare puts 15 questions to British High Commissioner, asks her to ‘min...

British High Commissioner wades into arrest of #FixTheCountry convener

The NDC must grow up to stop displaying their idiocy all of the time when there is no need for it. Desperation for power to come and deplete the coffers of the nation will kill these NDC shallow-minded people.

Anyone criticising the IGP for his reaction is just not truthful and devoid of knowledge of international protocols and how to guarantee the protection, safety and security of the citizenry of Ghana.

I think Dr Kwabena Duffour is the only one who can give a good image, sense of purpose and credibility to the NDC if he was elected their flagbearer but not John Dramani Mahama, the father of all lies and mastermind of politics of populism.

I can’t stand the daily and continuous nonsense and opportunistic behaviours in demonstration by the NDC as a political party.

Dr Kwabena Duffour should hurry to come and rescue NDC from their tainted image and utter hopelessness.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo