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Why can’t Ghanaians see NDC as anti-economy-cum-nation development party?

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Thu, 16 Dec 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

My heart bleeds for Ghana as a country and a people. It will take Ghana “donkey” years to develop to an appreciable level that can alleviate some of the economic and security hardships faced by the people and the nation. This is fact; concluding from the type of dirty politics of “pull him down” as in practice in the country.

I wonder why the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is overflowing with people who believe in telling lies all of the time to deceive the Ghanaian electorate to vote them into power? And, many a Ghanaian for reasons bordering on probable deprivation of intelligence and lack of ability to instantaneously tell when one is lying to their face, does vote for NDC.

There is a video gone viral on WhatsApp where a member or supporter of the NDC has gone to a market, telling the market women blatant lies directed at causing public disaffection for President Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP government and party. He is telling them that the hotel the president sleeps in when he travels abroad costs Ghana Ghc500 million a day. He says the money will fill hundred baskets and could buy all the wares of the market women in the market outright.

Again, he tells them the electronic levy (e-levy) on mobile money transactions as introduced in the 2022 budget is only meant to help President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo rent an aircraft furnished with the facilities to help him bath while airborne because he loves bathing when high up in the sky. He goes on to tell them it costs billions of Ghana Cedis per hour to rent that aircraft.

Unfortunately, some people do believe the stupid lies that the shameless guy keeps telling them. He goes on to ask, will you vote for such a party to continue to rule the nation to make your lives miserable?

For lack of knowledge, my people perish, so God says in the bible. Similarly, for lack of discernment, many Ghanaians fall for the political propaganda constantly in dissemination by the NDC folk.

Why is it that in the White man’s country, none of their political parties does misinform the citizens for want of power, unlike in Ghana as characterised by the NDC?

Why are there not many decent people in the leadership of the NDC but criminals and liars?

Does the bible not even acknowledge that if the head is rotten the whole body is corrupted? Just look at their leader John Dramani Mahama, how he lies at the same rhythm as he breathes. Is it any wonder therefore that his subordinates like Sammy Gyamfi, Otukonor, Kwaku Boahene et al, are liars and always issuing threats to the citizens if NDC does not win power?

For how long are Ghanaians going to tolerate this bunch of criminals who walk with their stomach and are always charting the course that will lead to the realisation of their selfish parochial interests, as corrupt as most of them are?

Such a rogue party will never win political power if it were in any of the advanced white man’s countries. It is only in Ghana that such idiotic party overflowing with short-sighted liars is allowed to win general elections to always set the clock of the nation’s economic development many years back.

I pray Dr. Kwabena Duffuor does contest and win the NDC flagbearer’s position to breathe new air of decency into the party since the party with its current leadership is so rotten to the core to be of no good.

For how long will Ghanaians not give ear to the truthful secrets being revealed by Bernard Allotey Jacobs, Stephen Atubiga and Koku Anyidoho, once stalwarts in the NDC, about how liars and hollow-minded the NDC as a party and a people are?

No wonder that my heart bleeds for Ghanaians for allowing the NDC to continue to fool them.

Taxation is the number one source of income for any serious government to allow it to carry out developmental projects for their nation. Why are Ghanaians who want good roads, better hospitals, good schools and better security, do not see the need for paying taxes but to allow themselves to be deceived by the malicious NDC leadership and faithful who come to power with the only aim of amassing wealth for themselves?

The NDC leadership is not only bereft of innovative ideas but cannot copycat correctly.

Lest I forget, they are best when it comes to masterminding and orchestrating corruption and lies. Shameful though!

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Columnist: Rockson Adofo