Why corrupt Ghanaian politicians don’t go to prison

Ghana Flag 10 Many governments have promised to fight corruption in Ghana

Fri, 11 Mar 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Corruption is a serious crime that continues to set back Africa. In developed countries, there are many measures, including electronic payments, which have successfully helped to reduce corruption.

However, in African countries, the story is entirely different. I have never heard of any corrupt politician jailed in Ghana before even though corruption has collapsed the economy and the many banking institutions in the country.

Every Ghanaian leader has failed the fight against corruption and the trust many have for Akufo Addo suddenly disappeared when the one who promised to protect the public's purse was involved in many corruption scandals.

Ghanaians were deceived by the NPP party that John Mahama is corrupt and incompetent, therefore, Akufo Addo is coming to make things better. It was the era of the NPP Ghanaians now know that the "devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.'

Under the NPP government, corruption has increased sharply, and also crime and unemployment rates have increased more than the time of John Mahama.

What has increased corruption in Ghana and made the fight fruitless is in the country is that no corrupt politician goes to prison. In my entire life, I have never heard of a corrupt politician jailed in Ghana.

And as we know, there is no country that can fight against corruption without putting those accused of stealing the state’s money behind bars.

Since no one goes to jail for stealing money from the government’s coffers, corruption in Ghana has become chronic and institutionalized.

Everyone steals the government's property or money with impunity. These are some of the reasons there are corrupt politicians such as Charles Bissiw, Eugene Arhin, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, and Charles Adom Otchere in Akufo Addo’s government.

Chronic corruption has seriously affected all the infrastructures in Ghana. There are many hospitals with poor facilities and schools without adequate tables and chairs, even though Ghana is a country where one can find gold, bauxite, diamond, timber, oil, and cocoa. What are our problems?

Proceeds from Ghana's resources are often diverted into private banks are, thus; the country losing billions of Cedis through frauds, mismanagement of funds, and corruption.

While in developed countries, many politicians involved in corruption either go to prison or are forced to resign, in African countries, like Ghana, they keep them in government.

The fact that corrupt Ghanaian politicians don’t go to prison has created a very corrupt and weak judiciary system in the country. Politicians steal millions with impunity while hungry or petty thieves are given stiffer punishment.

Until a corrupt politician is found guilty and jailed in Ghana, no one should trust any politician who will promise to fight against corruption and no one should ever think corruption will reduce in the country if they don't go to prison.

Columnist: Joel Savage