Why corruption has made job creation the toughest challenge for Ghana government

Unemployment ISSER The need to create new jobs becomes urgent due to reducing the unemployment rate

Tue, 28 Dec 2021 Source: Joel Savage

The most important priority of the state's socio-economic policy is ensuring high-performance of labour, for which it is necessary to step up the process of creating new high-tech and high-performance jobs.

The need to create new jobs becomes urgent due to reducing the unemployment rate, increasing effective employment of the population and increasing the productivity of labour and capital.

Various factors have a great influence on the process of creating new jobs. For example, Ghana produces gold, diamond, bauxite, oil, etc. therefore, these resources should have been the advantage for job creation, yet because of corruption, there are no jobs in Ghana.

Imagine Ghana, one of the leading countries in the world for cocoa production, hasn't enough factories and industries to provide employment even though body creams, oil, soap, drinks, and many products come out of the cocoa beans.

Creating new jobs is the development of domestic production and demand based on tough protectionist measures on the part of the Ghanaian government, but this task has been a total failure because of corruption.

Until the fight against corruption is intensified, incentives for the development of the domestic market and the enhancement of the country's economy will be a failure.

It's not that the leaders don’t know how to create jobs but they don’t hate challenges. After coming to power, they neglect the people and steal the money for projects into their private banks.

There are many things the Ghanaian government can do to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country. For example, if they are not ready to build new factories or industries, they can make expansion of the already built ones to employ the youth facing employment difficulties.

Columnist: Joel Savage