Why do Ghanaians encourage bad things by the NPP, claiming the NDC also did the same?

The NDC And NPP Political Parties Flags Corruption has prevailed under both NPP and NDC governments

Sat, 23 Apr 2022 Source: Joel Savage

There are many reasons why white people don’t respect black people because they don’t agree with them on many issues that don’t make sense to them. For example, should any intelligent Ghanaian encourage corruption in the NPP government because the NDC did the same?

Corruption, financial mismanagement, and political issues continue to pull down Ghana since the NPP government took over five years ago. But what is more disturbing in the country is that any time concerned Ghanaians speak against the corruption of the government, people will attack them.

According to many NPP politicians and supporters, the NDC under John Mahama did the same. In other words, it is tit for tat. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with that. That is why today; corruption has increased sharply in the NPP government than during Mahama’s era.

What any intelligent Ghanaian should know is that if they encourage corruption and criminal activities, probably done in the era of John Mahama that will affect the country. Their unpatriotic actions have already affected the country. These are the reasons Ghana is in debt amid a collapsed economy.

Another significant example is that under the NPP government, money has been stolen without a trace, but it’s quite strange that many Ghanaians are not interested in demanding the government about the missing money, including the $335 million COVID funds, but instead want the government to pass the E-Levy.

How can one be hypocritical by accusing the NDC or John Mahama because he doesn’t want the NPP government to pass the E-Levy since it will help the government, without first asking the government to use the stolen funds to enhance the development of the country?

Have Ghanaians against John Mahama forgotten that, developmentally, he has built more schools and hospitals, leaving some uncompleted, while Akufo Addo has put Ghana under a huge debt without accountability and any significant projects to boast of?

The continued support of the lies and unfulfilled promises of the NPP government is responsible for the collapse of the economy and the increase of corruption today under Nana Akufo Addo because they simply hate Mahama but what they are doing affects entire Ghana, not Mahama.

Until Ghanaians see the damage hate and tribalism have done to our dear nation Ghana, it will be too late to change things in the country because Ghana is no more a country any intelligent person should be proud of.

It may take several years for the collapsed economy and the depressed currency to become stable.

Columnist: Joel Savage