Why do many Ghanaian men fear getting married?

Happy Married  Couple 2 File Photo: A happy married couple

Tue, 19 Apr 2022 Source: Joel Savage

When two people in love decide to marry and stay together, the Bible says, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh."

However, despite this assurance and the benefits of marriage, many Ghanaians wouldn’t like to marry for various reasons, including fear. Why wouldn’t a man get married and settle down? Is it because of his own bad character that is preventing him?

There are many Ghanaians that think marriage is a trap and is beneficial to the woman rather than the man. Therefore, some men are scared to enter into marriage. I don’t think so. I strongly believe that such men are not willing to marry because they can’t stay with one woman.

If you are Ghanaian and adhere to true Christian values, you will definitely be willing to be with one woman and love her for the rest of your life because it’s never true that the essence of happiness lies in dating several women or having many women.

I have seen men with two wives who are never happy because their wives are not on good terms with them; therefore, there is never peace between the two, which often takes its toll on the man. Marriage doesn’t mean happiness because it’s also a difficult journey, but it makes someone a responsible person.

In fact, bachelors are exposed to various diseases because of the possibility of sleeping with many women. For this reason, it’s better for a man to get married, which is a major step toward leading a decent life and having a family, but sometimes the fear of having children prevents men from getting into marriage.

To get married, you need to be a responsible person. To have children, you also need to be a good father. Since many want their freedom, they hate getting married. Another problem preventing many Ghanaian men from getting married is the fear of facing financial difficulties.

However, a man doesn’t need to become a millionaire before getting married. Before marriage, you need to plan, get a job, and rent a house. Once you start all this planning, that means you want to become a responsible person, so your dreams will come true.

I used to think of difficulties in marriage as most Ghanaians do until I married 29 years ago. Now I feel very happy and blessed to be living with the same woman I married 29 years ago. More importantly, is the money I have saved because I don’t waste it on other women.

Marriage is not a burden and it is not by force that you must pay for an expensive wedding. You can marry a woman by making the marriage very simple to avoid running into financial difficulty.

Columnist: Joel Savage