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Why is Captain Smart infatuated with misinforming the Ghanaian public?

Captain Smart Ibn Wahala Captain smart is a Ghanaian journalist

Tue, 15 Mar 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Captain Smart, a Ghanaian journalist at Onua TV, coming across as a fearless and vociferous person in the media circle, is noted for speaking his mind on issues concerning Ghana and her politics.

For lack of time, I shall quickly address my observations about Captain Smart with regard to his absurd infatuation with distorting facts to suit his diabolic agenda against the ruling NPP government.

I wonder why and how he has come to hate the government and its top members with passion.

Should he be telling the public the absolute truth without holding back some facts, l would have had no qualms about it.

Should he be revealing their acts of malfeasance, abuse of power, and incompetence, he would surely have my support. However, his intentional desire to tell half-truths is a cause for concern.

Let me treat the following three issues to expose Captain Smart's ill-intent about the ruling government and his determination to bring about the downfall of the government.

He informed the Ghanaian public on his Onua TV during his morning show programme of Monday, March 14, 2022, that:

1. President Nana Akufo-Addo sent a plane to Ukraine to bring over the stranded Ghanaian students studying in the country. However, one male student among them decided not to join the aircraft home.

Captain Smart asked the public why the student did not come to Ghana along with the others, although President Nana Akufo-Addo had promised to give each student US$500, free immediately upon their arrival in Ghana?

He explained that it is because of the hopelessness and harshness of the conditions of living in Ghana under the NPP government.

The said student refusing to be evacuated sees life far better in warring Ukraine than in Ghana hence his decision to stay back, Captain Smart alleged.

Some of his listeners phoning in later to pass their comments and congratulations did buy into his nonsensical explanation.

My question to Captain Smart to prove him a little-minded diabolic individual is, how does he see and judge all the many other Ghanaian students that boarded the plane to come to Ghana? If Ukraine is better than Ghana even in its war with Russia, why did almost all the Ghanaian students leave except one?

For the public information, the one student that stayed behind had earlier informed the world of his willingness to stay to join the war on behalf of Ukraine as a foreign volunteer upon Ukraine's president’s appeal to the world for foreign volunteers to fight Russia.

2. On Sunday, March 13, 2022, four fatal accidents that culminated in the death of a number of Ghanaian commuters did occur. One happened in Nkawkaw. Another happened in the Central region, the Volta Region, and finally elsewhere.

More than twenty people lost their lives with many others seriously injured with the vehicles damaged beyond repairs or recognition.

From the view of credible witnesses, all four vehicles had the accidents owing to the usual bemoaned carelessness of overtaking by drivers. However, Captain Smart in his assertive propaganda to paint the government darker than it is blamed the accidents on the non-availability of dual-carriage roads in Ghana but only single lane roads.

He made the public understand that the successive governments are corrupt, myopic, and unfit for purpose hence always squandering the money they could use to construct double-carriage roads to avoid motor accidents on Ghanaian roads?

What has the double or single carriage road got to do with the noted careless overspeeding and overtaking by the drivers?

3. He claims to see no reason why the Ghana Education Service should require secondary school teachers occupying school bungalows to pay rent effective from the year 2006?

He tried to assign his usual stupid, diabolic, and myopic reasons as to why the teachers should not pay the rent which is 10% of their basic salary.

My question to Captain Smart is, why should the teachers living on campus in school bungalows not pay rent but their colleagues living outside campus pay rent to private landlords? Is that fair on them?

Finally, his infatuation with supporting public uprising but not a coup d'etat to kick out the current government from office is amazing.

I shall treat his constant call for an uprising in detail once l have access to a desktop computer or laptop but not when using a smartphone as l am currently compelled to.

I shall be taking on Captain Smart as long as he continues to twist facts to suit his diabolic agenda against Ghana in pursuit of his parochial interests.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo