Why is Ken Ofori-Atta still the Finance Minister, I don’t understand

Ken Ofori Atta Minister Of Finance 768x808 1.png Ken Ofori - Atta, Finance Minister

Fri, 21 Jan 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Ken Ofori-Atta, the current Minister for Finance in Akufo Addo’s government should have resigned a long time ago if Ghana is not a ‘shit-hole’ nation.

The minister is responsible for the collapse of banking sectors, high rate of unemployment, and the poor economy, so why is he still the Finance Minister?

In reality, every good Finance Minister has to be “tight-fisted," that is they should avoid unnecessary spending and make sure the money is accounted for.

However, in Ghana, we don't have such kind of a Finance Minister. Ken Ofori-Atta overspends and over-borrowed, yet can’t account for how the money was used.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Ken Ofori-Atta is responsible for both political and economical disasters in Ghana.

He doesn’t know what to do as a finance minister and he is part of the family corruption squad that amassed wealth at the expense of the suffering Ghanaians.

Under the Finance Minister, the NPP government has borrowed over GHS220 billion, yet he can’t explain how the money was used and what projects have been built.

Every successful country depends on a Minister of Finance chosen not based on his shortcomings but his merits. However, Ken Ofori-Atta continues to set back the economic progress of the country.

It seems the Finance Minister doesn't know the weight of his role and how to be smart, educated, and able to defend his position.

Unfortunately, Ken Ofori-Atta has failed in every duty as the Minister of Finance, causing unprecedented hardships for the common people ever since he took over that post.

The minister should accumulate the qualities inherent in this profession, to be a good accountant and make the right financial decisions, including the investment of funds to create jobs and also invest in projects that will benefit the whole country.

But everyone will agree with me that since Ken Ofori-Atta was appointed the Finance Minister by his relative, Nana Akufo Addo, things haven’t been the same economically.

The unemployment rate has sharply increased, the fuel price continues to increase and the country is under heavy debt.

Despite this huge debt the NPP government has incurred on Ghana and has failed to protect the public’s purse since corruption has increased in Akufo Addo’s administration than that of John Mahama, we need to ask ourselves why is Ken Ofori-Atta still the Minister of Finance?

If after five years in power, Ken Ofori-Atta couldn’t improve the economy of Ghana which the NPP government claimed was bad during the time of Mahama, what is the guarantee that they will do better in the rest of the years ahead of them?

Another important question is why despite the failure of Ken Ofori-Atta, Akufo Addo is still keeping him as the Finance Minister? That means he is there for a purpose, including covering up corruption deals involved by the government.

However, no matter how long Ken Ofori-Atta stays as the Finance Minister, the day the NPP government is out of power, everything shall be exposed.

Ghana can only become a better country if the right justice system is implemented to put all those found guilty of corruption behind bars.

Columnist: Joel Savage