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Why is President Nana Akufo-Addo watching while armed robberies and murders fester in Ghana?

Robbers GUN3 Armed robberies are on the rise in the country

Tue, 15 Jun 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

To be honest with Ghanaians, I am beginning to get disappointed in His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his NPP government. Despite the fact, I am a staunch supporter of the president and the NPP government, the president and his government’s failure or inability to reduce, let alone, exterminate, armed robberies and murders from Ghana is making me doubt his governing credentials.

The safety or security of the citizens supersedes any attempts to industrialize a nation for the comfort of the people. If armed robbers are brazenly killing people in broad daylight in the streets of our cities without the president or the government able to quell the canker, then I am afraid, there is a problem.

It has become the habit of some criminals to always take advantage of the weakness of civilian governments in Africa to enforce laws to commit further serious crimes. This is exactly what is going on in Ghana at the moment. Almost a day does not pass by without hearing of armed robbers attacking people or a murder of some sort being committed.

The enforcement of the laws of the land has become weak hence the increase in official corruption, armed robberies and murders in the country. As a bar or cake of soap is nothing to a hungry dog, so does the ongoing digitization of everything in Ghana be of no value to a person who feels unsafe and is scared of being murdered any time he or she ventures outside.

Why are police personnel escorting bullion vans getting killed from time to time? Have investigations and risk assessments conducted into why they are getting killed through armed robberies? Why are many other people being killed for rituals to acquire power and money? When people come out publicly to make allegations of being conversant with a pastor or someone killing another person, why is it that such people are not arrested for further investigations to be conducted to get to the bottom of the matter?

Will the crimes of murder not reduce if cases of murder committed by some powerful pastors as once reported live on Net2 TV by Demon Breaker and Manasseh get seriously investigated and prosecuted?

It is for the fact it does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps that I often make suggestions in my publications to the nation’s leaders. I believe more in constructive criticisms than in destructive criticisms hence being so far measured in my condemnations of the government. However, I am angered by the spate of armed robberies and murders as are ongoing in Ghana while the president has completely lost the plot.

How many times have I not suggested to the president or the Ghanaian leadership in my publications to bring out the military (soldiers) to assist the police stop the armed robberies going on in the country? Should they come out, the armed robberies will become the thing of the past. The soldiers will be happier to help bring peace of mind, security and safety to the citizens by helping the police deal with the armed robbery canker.

Will the rate of armed robberies as in Ghana ever happen in Rwanda? No and no!!! Why? Are both leaders not civilians? Please, don’t tell me he is an autocrat.

The president should not feel guilty to take bold decisions to quell the armed robberies and murders even if the NDC come out with their psychologically framed propaganda to accuse him of losing his human rights advocacy credentials.

Is it not the NDC National Chairman Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo who was caught on recorded audiotape coaching the NDC stalwarts to kidnap, murder and insult certain Ghanaians as well as cause arson in the nation all with intent to make President Nana Akufo-Addo and his government unpopular in order to get them voted out of power? If what he promised is really taking place, why not take robust countermeasures to render the NDC’s diabolical intents fruitless? Why has Ofosu-Ampofo until today not been successfully prosecuted?

Once someone said, the civilian governments are scared to bring out the military to help with internal problems because they fear it can be a recipe for coup d’état. That is absolute trash! I reserve my comments.

On this note, I entreat the president to fix the armed robberies and murders, if not the official corruption. Fixing the country needs time and capital but fixing the armed robberies is more of an action; just give strict orders, redeploy the military and all shall be done.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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