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Why is Ukraine fighting a losing battle with Russia?

Ukraine Russia Conflict Evacuation Refugees Citizens Many people have been displaced due to the attack on Ukraine by Russia

Sat, 12 Mar 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

It is sad that Ukraine, an independent country since the collapse of the Soviet Union, has been invaded by Russia for reasons bordering on their security and safety.

Ukraine as an underdog in the fight against Russia is bound to lose the war woefully no matter how long it takes.

No western country can step in to help them militarily for the fear of triggering a third world war that will culminate in vanquish for all and the destruction of the world.

If the above statement is the reality on the ground, why should Ukrainians continue to fight a war they are surely bound to lose and are losing anyway?

Yes, it is always good to stand up to a bully but once the evidence turns out to be obviously against you as it is in the Russian-Ukrainian war, simply throw in the towel to avoid further deaths and destruction of your country.

For the fear of third world war where nuclear and or, chemical weapons risk to be applied, no superpower will dare challenge the other to a contest.

Subsequently, Ukraine should not expect any help from the western countries in the false hope of stopping or defeating Russia in their fight.

As determined as Vladimir Putin of Russia is to bring Ukraine into the Russian Federation, no amount of western rhetoric or sanctions will stop him hence the leaders of Ukraine had better think and decide properly before they cause the annihilation of their country.

It is sad for a stronger nation to feel it has the right to invade a weaker nation as and when it desires.

Are African nations and politicians learning any lessons from the ongoing political and economic trend of the world?

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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