Why is the Church of Pentecost silent on LGBTQ in America?

Church Of Pentecost Logonew Recent happenings on the LGBTQ+ topic in Ghana includes the Church criticizing the act

Fri, 8 Oct 2021 Source: Daniel Baah

Am a Christian and an ardent follower of biblical standards and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am totally against homosexual practices of any kind.

However, recent happenings on the topic in Ghana and the authoritative position of the Church of Pentecost has moved me to respond through this article. There are some questions I want to ask the leadership of the church.

1. Why are they silent on this practice in America?

2. Is the God in America different from that in Ghana?

3. Why are they careful when preaching against it in America but suddenly gotten a voice to pressure the Ghana government?

I can state on authority that the church has never had the Balls to preach against same in the US. In the US you might lose government benefits if you preach against this group. Since the Church of Pentecost receives tax waiver as a religious entity, preaching against this group is enough to yank off all this tax waiving benefit.

Hence the church is subtle in its approach on this matter on American soil. But I thought the Lord we worship is the same everywhere.

He does not have one standard for Americans neither has a separate one for Ghana. So why have they gotten a voice suddenly in Ghana? Don’t come telling me it is their culture because the judgment is not going to be based on culture but on biblical standards and homosexuality is never an American culture.

However, I commend the authoritative position of the chairman on the matter and want to see more of such energies when issues of corruption and unemployment are discussed. It is not only LGBTQ that affects national growth but laziness from unemployment and corrosive behaviour like corruption is enough to ground the national development.

I see double standards here and this is very irritating.

Let us not be hypocrites. What cannot be good in Ghana is equally bad elsewhere in terms of biblical standards. Let us not weigh some sins heavier than others.

You don’t dine with and praise corruption and turn around to hate homosexuality.

Let Us Apply The Same Standards.

Columnist: Daniel Baah
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