Questions for Coach Leroy

Tue, 25 Sep 2007 Source: Sage

Dear Coach,

On account of the recent heavy loss in Riyadh, we, the fans, have been wondering about your deafening silence. We are interested in hearing from you regarding the following questions:

- What are your objectives between now and the ANC?

- What is your view of the relevance of Ghana?s current FIFA ranking?

- Are we trying to strengthen our weak areas (Strikers, Full Backs) or are we trying to identify who can fit into the 4-5-1 formation?

- Do you feel we have the right personnel for a 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 formation?

- Do you have a preference for the 4-5-1 over our traditional 4-4-2?

- What are some of the criteria for inviting players to the Black Stars?

- Can you briefly share with us why some players who start in their respective premier leagues have not been invited to compete for the Right Back position?

- Who do you see as the backup for Hans Sarpei at Left Back ? Nana Akwasi Asare or Habib Mohammed?

- Why did we agree to play the last game a day early as opposed to a day late?

- Can you briefly explain the circumstances surrounding the curious visa refusal of our top striker?

- Can you explain the circumstances behind our uneven performances?

- Can you explain why Eric Addo is not being featured as a Center Back for the Black Stars given that he plays that position for his club?

- What is your view of the lack of depth in our Attacking Midfield position? Who do you see as the backup for Stephen Appiah?

- What is your view of our midfield getting crowded in games? How do you intend to ensure the players spread out so that they do not get in each other?s way? - Do we have our top five penalty takers picked out yet?

- Who do you see as our free-kick specialists? Have they been given any training regimen at both club and country level to perfect the craft?

- How do we plan to address our defense of free-kicks given that it cost dearly in the last World Cup and African Nations? Cup?

- When do you plan on making your final players? list for the Nations? Cup? - How do you intend on motivating the players to put the recent loss behind them and concentrate on winning the rest of the games from now through the Nations? Cup?

- So far our record is 4 wins, 2 losses and 3 draws but we feel given the strength of our opponents, it should be 7 wins 1 win and 1draw. Can you address the gap between our expectations and the actual results?

- What sort of lessons can we take away from our recent loss and previous draws?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Concerned Fan Sage

Source: Sage