Why it's likely that Ghana won't hold free and fair elections in 2024


Sat, 6 Aug 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Madam Jane Mensah, the head of the Electoral Commission, is fully aware that the NPP, Ghana's most dishonest and inept political party, will be replaced by a new government that will not only remove her from her position but also potentially subjects her to legal proceedings that could land her in jail. As a result, she may exert all of her efforts to prevent that from happening.

How is she going to stop that is the question? Election rigging, such as what she did in 2020, is the only way to do this. The most crucial question that many Ghanaians haven't thought to ask, and that the NPP government hasn't also given an answer is, "If the government didn't actually win the 2020 elections, how likely is it that they will break the eighth cycle in 2024?

One of the reasons I have lived a good life with my family and never been accused of a crime or faced the law is because I am a man who has no interest in using violence. However, I must caution anyone who intends to use the law to take away any Ghanaian's means of subsistence at this time. They may be treading dangerous territory because just because Ghanaians are silent doesn't mean they are stupid.

Political avarice and tribalism prevent tribal bigots from seeing clearly and accepting that the majority of people are no longer interested in the NPP, as a result of our bad performance, so if we are beaten, we must peacefully transfer power. That is not at all how the con NPP government sees things; instead, they have already begun nefarious plans to win the 2024 elections.

Given how this specific government's incompetence has destroyed every piece of infrastructure in Ghana and led to the greatest rates of unemployment and crime nationwide, that is actually highly dangerous. After President Nana Akufo Addo refused to remove his relative from office, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, even tell Ghanaians that the president is concealing something.

I am fully aware that some NPP politicians are unhappy with how Akufo Addo has decimated the party, while others don't care what the president will do to keep the NPP in power.

They have information they don't want the average Ghanaian to know, particularly about the extensive corruption these families of political crooks have fostered. Why, in face of widespread opposition from Ghanaians, is Akufo Addo employing all nefarious means to ensure that the NPP administration receives support from Jane Mensah, the corrupt head of the electoral commission, in order for it to win the 2024 elections?

The easy solution is that if Jane Mensah manipulates elections once more, she will be able to keep her job and avoid being held accountable for her earlier election offenses. More crucially, her aid would prevent Nana Akufo Addo, the president, and other corrupt NPP leaders from being adequately probed and prosecuted since the future leader following Akufo Addo will fire all the Supreme Court judges the president has lined up.

It is up to all of Ghana's opposition parties to prevent this from happening and intensify the anguish that has already struck Ghanaians so hard without a cure. I believe that tribalism has taken over the brain of many Ghanaians and those in the Diaspora, and therefore; as long as the president is from their tribe, they don't care if the regular Ghanaians stand in line to buy chicken heads as food.

Isn't that foolish considering that it might take Ghana five to ten years before this disastrous economic situation gets out of hand? When Akufo Addo named his relative Ken Ofori-Atta as the finance minister, all of Ghana's intellectuals, educators, and academicians did was stand by and observe. What do Ghanaians anticipate as a result?

I've already shown that Akufo Addo chose Ken Ofori-Atta in order to facilitate his involvement in corruption, which is one of the reasons the NPP government was unable to succeed and the nation was left with unmanageable debt. All of the NPP's efforts to rig the upcoming elections are being made solely to conceal crimes they have done in order to escape going to jail.

Since she refused to enter the witness box to explain the fictitious results of the elections, she gave Ghanaians, Madam Jane Mensah has been terrified to death. As a result, she will do everything it takes to avoid being charged or having to go to court.

As a result, if the needle says it can sew, it should close the hole in its head. To put it another way, if Ghanaians consider themselves to be intelligent people, with professors and scholars, none of them should sit down and observe the NPP government, which has been rejected for its incompetence, as they implement their nefarious fraudulent schemes to maintain power. This is because you people can't see far enough to realize that Ghanaians may soon have to chew corncobs to survive.

Columnist: Joel Savage