Why many female celebrities avoid putting on underwear

Female Underwear File photo: A female underwear

Sat, 19 Feb 2022 Source: Joel Savage

The dignity of a woman is very precious and its essence is often described as being worthy, honored, and esteemed.

Unfortunately, many women are soiling their dignity as they prefer to go everywhere, including shopping without underwear.

In the African culture, every naked person seen outside is someone who is considered his or her mind completely out of service, a lunatic.

A woman may put on a dress but once you don’t wear any under to hide your nakedness implies that you are at the edge of mental instability or the mind is completely derailed.

This is not the case with Europe and America. Sane celebrities now act like mad people to attend functions, parties, fashion shows, and entertainments without underwear.

Do you think they had forgotten to wear underwear? Not at all, they know what they are doing.

Some deliberately sit to expose their hairy vagina. They are advertising their vagina free of charge to the public view, while others pose by lifting up their dresses for photographers and the people around to see.

The question is why do these women do such things in public knowing that the dignity of a woman lies in moral and physical purity?

The thirst for fame, publicity and the challenge of doing something (stupid) they think it’s extraordinary, for the press to write about are all that they are looking for.

Media attention and cheap publicity have blinded them to the extent that they don't know what shame is. I wonder if their mothers did the same that's the reason they are following in their footsteps.

Many speak against prostitutes but as a matter of fact, some female celebrities are worse than prostitutes.

They constantly change men exactly the same as the way they change dresses and open their legs any time to people they fancy.

They think life is all about sex, alcohol, and drug. That’s the reason marriage and relationships with many female celebrities never last because the men quickly see them as nothing but whores in disguise and common trash.

They have completely lost their respect and dignity. It is a fact that we are now living in a very wrong generation.

Adults that need to educate the children from such immorality are now exposing their naked parts on television and in public for the children to follow. No wonder teenage pregnancy is booming globally.

It takes a million people to build a good reputation but one stupid fool to destroy everything they had done. These celebrities are constantly dragging the faces of other respectable women in the mud and tainting the precious image and dignity of women.

We are fed up with seeing such images and public programs, therefore, for the sake of our children, this must come to an end.

Columnist: Joel Savage