Why the Zongo community will remain loyal to NPP - NASAARA coordinator tells the story

NPP Flag 610x375 The Zongo community is grateful for the projects the NPP has started undertaken

Wed, 22 Dec 2021 Source: Charles Yeboah Sir Lord

Hitherto, the Zongo Communities in Ghana bear the stereotype of seeing nothing which affects them to the capitalist ideologies of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), but over the years, there seems to be a significant change in their stance.

Partly some may owe such constituency gains to the magnetic attraction of the Vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, a figure who inspires the rank and file of the Zongo communities with his meteoric rise to the echelons of Ghana's political power.

Yet, others cannot play artificial amnesia to the many social interventions the president Nana Akuffo Addo's led NPP government is doing in all the Zongo communities across the length and breadth of the country.

In all, one narration that stands out is what's related by Alhaji Jibril from the Cape Coast Zongo community, a NASAARA communication member, a Tesconian, central regional chairman for Diehard for NPP National and polling station executive.

In his words, Alhaji Jibril says, "the people of Cape Coast South Kotokuraba Zongo will every day go on their knees and pray to Allah for His enormous blessing on the NPP government for providing a life in a first of its kind mechanized wholesome public water in the community". "Now the people do not trek or line up to buy water from poly tanks and truck drivers. And students get bathing water early morning as opposed to how they walked miles for water before they go to school".

Mentioning in addition, "Computer laboratories in almost all the Zongo communities in the Cape Coast Metropolis to enhance ICT knowledge, and enlistment of the teeming qualified Zongo youths into the services, ie, Police, Fire, Customs, and in the army"; Alhaji Jibril picks out Dr. Bawumia and praise him for his roles played in getting education scholarships for the youths into various universities in Ghana, adding, "I personally know people from my hood who have been awarded scholarships to study medicine in Cuba". "They'll graduate and come back home to serve our Zongo Community and mother Ghana".

Drawing our attention to why the Zongo Communities will forever remain loyal to the NPP for at least in this Nana Addo - Dr. Bawumia era, Alhaji Jibril who is also a dye in a wool member of the NPP Die Hard supporters points to the renovation of the English and Arabic school at the University of Cape Coast campus located in the Amamoma Community, is a clear indication that the NPP sees a lettered future for the Zongo communities far from the stereotypes of violence and menial jobs".

Columnist: Charles Yeboah Sir Lord