Opinions Sat, 26 Mar 2011

Why this new phenomenon of Twisting and Exaggerating Statements of Politicians ?

- a very bad Democratic practice by Samuel Donkor

In recent years, there is a new phenomenon going on in the country, which is dividing the nation and

drawing us back in our democratic practice and governance. It is the phenomenon of twisting and exaggerating statements of politicians with insults on issues, by political opponents and followers.

Many at times, it is the spokespersons and followers of our political leaders, who cause these mess and bring into lengthy discussions such statements or utterances, that cover weeks and months on Radios, at the cost of real issues at stake.

Sometimes, these spokespersons and followers become intellectually bankrupt and loose their intellectual discernment ability, for the sake of cheap political propaganda, forgetting the harm that is costing the unity of the nation.

Instead of proper analysis of statements objectively and asking themselves the questions wwwh to comment within which context the statements were made, they go straight to make comments out of context. They exaggerate, twist and insult just for political advantage, soiling the image of the opponents and also causing empty alarms and hatred. This is politics of mediocrity.

This kind of cheap propaganda strategy of twisting,and exaggerating statements and information , distortion of news, false allegations, deliberate criminal acts,insults etc, which was a Nazi party propaganda strategy practice during the second World War in Germany, is not effective today and an insult to the people's intelligence.

Today, in spite of dire poverty and hardships, the people of Ghana are wide awake with discernment ability. It is not all the time that their intelligence could be played down, neither their vunerability.

Politicians, especially the ruling party should respect the people and not play down on their intelligence and inability to challenge them. The dishonesty, deceit, abuse of power,corruption and exploitation going on in the system as far as governance is concerned are all well known by the people. But one day, they will laugh on the wrong side of their cheek.

For it is written, there is time for everything and when time is not rife, things are taken for granted. But when time is rife, nothing can stop the consequences, Truth is always the same and all that is covered shall be uncovered and all secrets shall be revealed.

Ghanaians and for that matter politicians should learn to do the right things all the time and be honest and sincere to themselves to serve the nation and we shall all live in love and peace to develop this nation Ghana. False and dirty propaganda will not develop this country, but rather bring bitterness and division to the nation, which in turn makes it difficult for the party in government to achieve desired development results. I write you the truth; 'Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; For whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.' Galatians 6: 7

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Columnist: Donkor, Samuel