Why we value Western universities more than African universities

Universities2 Couple of universities in Ghana

Thu, 7 Apr 2022 Source: DOCTOR KWADWO YE-LARGE

There are a lot reasons why we Africans value Western universities than African universities.

It is because Western universities are well equipped with all the forms of resources an institution need to facilitate teaching and learning.

Also, they have designed and make a system that help both students and teachers acquire the requisite knowledge, skills, the techniques and the intelligence to become problems solvers because they believe the world that we living in is full of problems hence when you are able to identify a problem and come out with an accurate solution, you automatically creates job opportunities; not for only yourself but others as well.

In addition, people have the perception and idea that when you acquire certificate from a Western university, you're more valued than what we acquire here in Africa.

Also, Western universities comes with benefits like scholarships and some wage benefits.

You also have the high probability of landing a job when you complete a Western university.

Finally, their curriculum enhance and advance the development of their country.