Akoffo Addo Is Not Born To Be President

Fri, 18 Jan 2013 Source: Hamza, Mohammed Sheriff

(Part One)

I write in my capacity as a concern citizen of our dear beloved Ghana and on behalf of all peace loving citizens especially the youth of this great Nation. Its time the NPP face the reality and accept the shock of the election defeat with faith.

The NPP must be able to look into the teaming face of their supporters and sympathizers and tell them the bitter truth about the election.

Since the declaration of the election results by Dr. Kwadwo Afari – Dyan, the chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC), the NPP has refuse to accept the shocking defeat which they describe as conspiracy between the EC and the national democratic party.

The president John dramani Mahama polled 5,574,761 votes representing 50.70 percent while Nana Addo Dankwa Akofo-Affo his closest challenger obtained 5,248,898 votes, representing 47.74 percent of the total valid vote votes cast.

The constitution of the land mandates any political party within 21 days with any electoral irregularities to make its case before the Supreme Court.The NPP are know in court challenging the declaration of the result by the EC.Personally I think the NPP is fighting is a lost battle,trying to waste their time resourse and energy on a case that has no factual fact,difficult to prove with witnesses and logically full with arithmetic error.

It real a panic and shocking reaction by the NPP to lost an election tagged with WIN AT ALL COST., Instead of the NPP to find the course of their failure in other to correct the mistake in the future, the NPP is giving their supporters hopeless hope, hiding under the umbrella of the Supreme Court with the hope to use the court to subvert the will of the people to suit their course., the basic question is, How does the NPP win election with less representation in parliament per the parliamentary result declared, How the NPP win election with a defeat in 8 regions, how on earth does the NPP win election after chanting “All Die Be Die” slogan before the election. Ghanaian are very wise and are descending, the NPP are rather making the chances of the NDC brighter in future elections.

History has tell us that NPP has never accepted any credible election results which never went in their line of direction, in 1992 when the NPP was defeated, they wrote a book “The Stolen Verdict”.

So by their nature Ghanaians are aware of them. Instead of Jake Obetsebi Lamptey to tell Akoffo Addo to accept the defeat and congratulate the president he finds it difficult to tell the truth and very soon another humiliation and disgrace is awaiting them at the Supreme Court.

Continuation would focus on why the refusal of the NPP to accept election defeat and 5 reasons why the Supreme Court will rule against the NPP.


Columnist: Hamza, Mohammed Sheriff