This NDC "Ashantiphobia" Nonsense Should Stop Now

Sat, 16 Feb 2013 Source: Sarpong, Justice

Maybe somebody failed to tell the NDC Party that the election was held on December

7th, 2012 and it was awarded the prize of victory through the benevolence of Dr

Afari Djan whose carelessness has left the country sitting on pins and needles

waiting for the Supreme Court to sort things out after the mess left behind by the

Electoral Commission led by him.

What does the NDC want from Ashanti region? The region is part of Ghana and a

stronghold of the opposition NPP so what? Don't we have the right to vote for any

party or individual we want to vote for? What is this "Ashantiphobia" nonsense going

on in Ghana spearheaded by the NDC Leaders? As the party in power, NDC is supposed

to bring the country together after the elections but it seems they are bent on

dividing the country on their obnubilate statements weaved intricately in


One of the NDC Newspapers falsely reported about five days ago that, people in

Kumasi were celebrating after the Blackstars were eliminated from the AFCON by

Burkina Faso. This was patently not true but it has become the agenda of the NDC

propaganda machine to expose Asantes to ridicule by creating enmity between the

Asantes and the rest of the country. There is no city or region in Ghana that

supports the Blackstars more than the Ashanti region. Why refer to Blackstars now as

the Asante Blackstars? Is it because the Coach is an Asante? Some of us went into

deep depression after we lost to Burkina Faso and it hurts for a section of the

populace to write as if the Asantes are unpatriotic.

What did we do wrong for a kinchin jacobin like Haruna Iddrisu to ask the Ashanti

Region designated Regional Minister whether Northerners and Ewes are safe in Ashanti

Region? Is there a tribal war going on in Ashanti region where Northerners and Ewes

are being killed that has not been reported? This atavistic nonsense from a swollen

headed idiot Haruna Iddrisu cannot be swept under the carpet because there seems to

be a real agenda by NDC to isolate Ashanti region from any developmental plans by

this government. Why is Haruna not asking his Asante wife whether the Northerners in

his wife village who are cocoa labourers have been killed. My dyslogistic with

Haruna is based solely on his childish vituperations and not his tribal or political

affiliations. I've heard Haqruna has Presidential aspirations and if this is how he

wants to achieve his aim, then he has shot himself in the foot.

Let the NDC take it to the Bank that, Ashanti region will continue to vote for NPP

no matter what and if that is a problem for them, maybe then we would not mind

seceding from the country Ghana and we will do well on our own. Asahanti region as a

country will be an oasis of utopia on Africa continent.

Ashanti Region is the safest place for any tribe in Ghana because of the nature of

Asantes. We have all tribes in every town and city in the region who have lived

harmoniously with Asantes without any recorded tribal conflict with anybody losing

his or her life and it is rather unfortunate a Minister who should know better is

beating tribal war drums. Let Haruna be aware that, Northerners are safer in Ashanti

region than they are in his own Northern region. It is only in Ashanti region where

the Ewes Chief and other tribal chiefs are recognized at Manhyia Palace and

admitted to participate in all deliberations at the Asanteman Council.

Let's assume if Mr Sarpong would have said Northerners and Ewes were not safe in

Ashanti region. What would Haruna have done as a Minister? Will he have called for

repatriation of Northerners and Ewes to their regions or he would have called for

the Army and the Police to go to Ashanti region and protect the Ewes and


Let's thank God that despite the way we vote in Ghana, we still can live together

without killing each other based on our tribes or the party we support and Haruna

Iddrisu should be ashamed of himself for trying to create a problem where none

exist. If he wants to protect the Northerners, he should rather go to the North and

protect them from their own chieftancy disputes that have been the bane of the

Northern regions underdevelopment and not Asantes, OH!! PLEASEEEE.

Justice Sarpong


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice