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Will the principal of Mampong Nursing & Midwifery Training College acknowledge receipt of the letter to her by the “affected” students?

Mampong Nursing Training0344 The dismissed students want to be recalled to the school

Tue, 5 Jul 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Subsequent to their meeting with the principal of the college, Mrs Gifty Helena Dwamena Amoah, the “affected” students of Mampong Nursing and Midwifery Training College, have submitted a letter to her within the timeline as agreed.

In their “recall” meeting held with her on Monday, 20 June 2022, it was concluded that those students dismissed and or, demoted, by her in a manner that obviously appears to the writer as a pure demonstration of administrative incompetence, if not an act of sabotage to cost the students their future career, should write to her to express their willingness to come back to the school. This was all in conformity to the directive issued to her by the Minister of Health, Hon Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, to recall them based on his thorough investigations into the complaints brought to his attention against their unlawful dismissal or demotion by the principal.

They submitted a letter to her as one group of “affected” students, on Wednesday, 29 June 2022.

This particular publication is all about enquiring from the crafty principal if she has actually received the letter. This is because of the delivery method used.

The letter was handed to her personal driver to take to her. This means, it was neither given to her the school secretary if there is any.

My worry when I learnt that such an important letter has been given to her driver was, will it reach her, and if yes, will she acknowledge its receipt? What if she says she has not received any letter from the students? Will this not fit into her larger scheme to not allow the students back to the school, saying she has not heard from them contrary as agreed?

Whoever gave the letter to the driver should have asked for a written acknowledgment note by the driver but that never happened.

The writer’s enquiries into why such an important letter was given to her driver instead of the school’s or the principal’s secretary, whichever is applicable, discovered that all letters to the principal go to her through her driver.

As an old school, I am left to wonder how possible? This is because official letters meant for the headmaster or principal of a Secondary school, college or tertiary institution go to them through the school’s secretary. Why are her’s delivered to her via her driver?

Again, has she got a personal driver, and if yes, who pays for the driver’s salary? Is it the college, the government or her?

As an old school, I have to ask since, in my days as a student, headmasters never had personal drivers but could sometimes ask the school’s drivers to drive them when the need arose.

The writer is by this publication alerting the public to the fact the “affected” students have submitted a letter to the principal about their coming back to the school, all things working out as agreed and directed by the Minister of Health.

Much as I don’t trust the principal to honour her words, I shall constantly update the public on the status development of the dismissal, demotion and recall of the students.

Mrs Gifty Helena Dwamena Amoah, be informed that the students had given their letter of willingness to come back to the school to your driver to be taken to you. If you have not received it by now, please ask your driver about it.

Would you please reply to that letter, copying it to all those persons or offices that were copied into it by the students?

Time is running out against the students so the principal must please hurry up to implement the directive issued to her by the Minister of Health.

At this point, may I express my gratitude to all the online or Ghana internet news portal publishers that are unceasingly helping me to convey the plight of the “affected” students to the attention of the general public.

Lest I forget, are headmasters/principals provided with personal drivers paid for by the government under the administration of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo? I am not sure but believe it is a no.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo